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Car Seat InSaNitY!!! Anyone with a Jeep Cherokee 2000 have any luck?

DD is 14 months old and has outgrown her carseat.  We bought a Combi Cocorro for her which fits great in DH's Acura but we can't seem to get it tight enough in my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic.  So it appears we have to buy a new one. 

Also, today is my due date, with absolutely no signs of impending labor, which makes this day even more magical.  ;P

Are there any carseats that will fit on either the passenger of driver's side of my car?!  I really don't get why this is so frickin difficult.  I don't want to buy a new car so that a car seat can fit because this one runs great and still looks good.

If you have this car or close to it and have found a car seat that works, please share!

Thanks and also, please send some labor dust my way!  I need it!


Re: Car Seat InSaNitY!!! Anyone with a Jeep Cherokee 2000 have any luck?

  • My old boss had both a Britax Roundabout and a Marathon in her Jeep.

    ETA: Are you using LATCH or the seat belt to install it? Do you have leather seats? The Combi should fit. Are you putting all of your weight into the seat when you are installing it? I physically sit in on our seats when I install them, and I am able to get a much tighter fit that way.

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  • Hmm- I had a 2006 Cherokee when DD was in her infant seat, now I have a 2011 Cherokee and her Marathon fits with no problems behind the passenger seat rear facing. Granted the passenger seat is moved up kinda far- but its fits with no problems. It should fit- have you taken it someone to be installed, maybe they can help.
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  • The Combi does fit, but my DH just can't get it tight enought.  There are NO latches :(, so we are using the shoulder belt, because we have to make room for #2.  And we have cloth seats.

    I think we might be going for the Roundabout.  DH will just have a permanent carseat for DD.  Not exactly a crisis situation I know, but just frustrating. 

  • The Coccoro should be a pretty easy install once you get the hang of it. Here's a great video that shows how to do it properly with a lap/shoulder belt (since your vehicle doesnt  have latch). 
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