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the pacifier debate

I'm saying this pre-baby, pre-all-night-crying-spells, and pre-motherhood, but..... I'm going to TRY to not use a pacifier.

any other to-be mom's going to make the same decision??

Re: the pacifier debate

  • I will say good luck! Most hospitals do give a paci while in the hospital to the newborns. Also I will say that you never know your baby may want nOthing to do with a paci at all too! We tried to give my little girl one from the time she was born until almost two weeks old, and she would just spit it out right away! We tried because that's what everyone had suggested to help her sleep more and help establish a routine. But it is your decision and your spouse's, all I wanna say is good luck with it, because it can be tough.
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  • I feel the same way.  We're are going to try to not use one, but we did register for a few just in case we have a screamer who needs it to soothe.  My BFF's daughter used one for the first 8 months or so and when she went to wean her off of it, she had no resistance!  Very lucky! 

    My mom tells me that me and my 2 brothers never took to them, so here's hoping our LO won't either!

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  • My DS only used one to go to sleep. At one year, he refused to use it anymore and now doesn't even need it.
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  • Wow -- all great stories about positive no-paci babies........ love it!   We shall see what happens!  Glad I'm not the only one out there though trying to NOT use them!
  • I was determined not to use one with my son, but ended up caving.  The first six months of his life, he basically spent all day screaming - and the pacifier helped soothe him a lot.  So far, I don't regret it at all.  He's almost one now, so we're starting to try to wean him off of it (just using it at night, and in the car).  It's going alright so far.  I think that's really the main concern - how difficult it might be to cut them off.  But realize that some babies never really "need" or even desire a pacifier.  If it ends up being a saving grace for a particularly fussy baby, don't feel guilty about it!
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