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DD Won't Eat

I give her everything and here is all that she eats:

PB and Jelly Sandwiches



Gerber Snacks (which I try to limit)

French Fries (on occasion)

Corn (lots and lots of corn)



That's it.  She refuses to touch meat, period.  I started her on "real" solids around 4 months old, and up until about 2 months ago she ate like a cramp.  Slowly, though, the list has begun to dwindle and I have no idea how to get her to eat more.  My doctor isn't concerned as she continues to gain weight (this was 2 weeks ago) but I feel like she's getting lighter day by day.

Any suggestions on getting her to eat?????

Re: DD Won't Eat

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    When my son refused to eat meat, I started using some BBQ sauce.  It was a hit!  :)
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    When my son refused to eat meat, I started using some BBQ sauce.  It was a hit!  :)

    We did something similar but with ketchup.. she LOVES it! I have to limit myself though bc once she sees the bottle she will put anything into her mouth with it on it... as much as I want her to try new things, I can't bring myself to put it on, say, a pb&j (which she refuses) bc that is just gross... haha! Good luck!

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  • Tried both, (mostly because I always put extra BBQ or Ketchup on whatever I'm eating), and got the nasty face from her.  

    I've even tried not giving her snacks all day long, I've tried not letting her eat anything other than lunch, dinner and breakfast... but she'll go hungry (she's gone to bed 3 times this week not eating anything after lunch).  I give her Pedisure to make sure that she's getting nutrients.  I'm just out of ideas.

  • I don't have a suggestion but I have the same problem. My son barely eats anything! I try my best to feed him but he just shakes his head and puts his hand up. It is so frustrating and I really worry about him getting his proper nutrition. I started giving him pediasure (the sidekick ones) and they at least give me peace of mind. They are addictive though my son is starting to prefer them over milk! Well besides pediasure this is all he eats/drinks...

    Motts juice

    Whole milk (this is practically all he drinks all day)

    French fries

    Gerber puffs

    Mash up foods (the ones you squeeze and can feed yourself)

    Chips (ugh! I hate that he loves these!)

    Chicken nuggets (sometimes)

    Yogurt (sometimes)

    Crackers (sometimes)


    Peach slices

    Dry noodles



    That's all I can think of. It is barely son is extremely picky! I am worried but I guess my suggestion would be pediasure. It makes me feel like at least he is getting the nutrients he needs when he drinks it.

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