3rd Trimester

TMI *NOT Good Pregnancy*

I've truly had a really bad pregnancy! I've had Placenta previa and was on bed rest, I was just recently told I have a big baby, I've broken out in hives that are unexplained but Doc is saying it's due to my body reacting to this pregnancy. I was just diagnosed with Beta Strep. This morning I noticed my panty liner full with blood Thank GOD it's not delivery time cuz I'm only 32 weeks as of today...But I have a yeast infection on the inside and out and I'm just all cut up :(  OH BOY!!! I see my Doc on Thursday, as of right now I'm treating myself with some creams to help with the yeast until I see the doc. This is all besides the normal aching back, leg and other normal pregnancy symptoms...


I am being induced in 4 weeks due to alot of my complications so I'm not to far, but we will be doing an amnio to make sure our lil peanut is fully developed before we can proceed the induction. 

 I hope no one goes through this...It's truly not fun 

Sorry just had to vent




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