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I am so torn, I have a son who is a little over two and am about to have a little girl.  Clearly his clothes wont work for her.  But what should I do with all of his adorable cute clothes? Store them for the possibility that maybe in a couple years we decide to have a 3rd (which may or may not be a boy), donate them, or offer them to people who would probably be overwhelmed by 2+ years worth of baby clothes.

What should I do!
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Re: moms of 2+ children

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    I packed ours away in our crawl space.  I guess I don't feel comfortable yet saying we are done.  So I cannot get rid of them.  However if one of my close friends or family has a girl I would offer them...but might expect some back some day...
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  • I sold mine at a garage sale.  Now I would use Craigslist to do so.  I'm sure there is a Mom out there that would greatly appreciate having affordable clothes for her LO.  But that is if you are sure you are not having another.  
  • My DD4 was my first born, I then had a DS2 and now pregnant with 3rd child (boy) I kept both childrens clothes just in case...Were only planning to have 3 so now I can get rid of my DD's clothes...But I would suggest to hang on to them just in case especially if your thinking of baby #3 in the future. :) good luck hun



  • After our second son was born, I decided to condense the amount of clothes I had (we had a lot).  Partly because one was born in Sept. the other in July, so the sizes were off.  I started with 6 rubbermaid bins and ended up with two. One was keepsake clothes that had sentimental value, the other was keepsake stuff.

    DS2 is three years old now and I'm preggers with DS#3.  We've bought new stuff but not as much.  Just the basics and few of them too.  This is our last child so I don't want to go over board. 

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  • Lurker chiming in.  I exchange all of DD's clothes on www.thredup.com.  Every time she outgrows a box of clothes, I list it on thred up, and then I can buy a new box of clothes in a bigger size for about $15 ($10 plus shipping).  You could trade in all your boy clothes for girl clothes for really cheap! 

    I've always had really great success with quality, too, but I'm very picky about who I buy from.  Many of the boxes I've received even had brand new clothes in them, with the tags still on!

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  • In a fit of nesting I packed up all of DD's non-gender neutral clothes (we're having a boy this time) for donation.  And then couldn't bear to part with them!  They're still sitting in bags in my kitchen :(
  • Know anyone else who is having a kid? My friend had a girl last year and I am letting her borrow all the clothes as she needs a size. My sister and another friend are pregnant now and and which ever one is having a girl is getting all the clothes since this one is a boy. I think the best thing to do is to either keep them if you plan on having more kids for sure or donate them to a friend or charity.
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  • I went through all of DD's clothes and kept only my favorites and the sentimental outfits.  The rest went to my niece.  The second we found out we were having a girl, my sister began packing up what her DD outgrew and sending it on to me.  Some of it I recognize.  Some of it is "new."  Now as DD outgrows stuff, I continue to hold onto the favorites and send the rest to my niece.  I know my sister will pass stuff back along to us, and it saves us from having to store it for 4 years. 

    I held onto DS's clothes until I knew #3 was a girl.  Then I went through and only kept a handful and donated the rest.  I will probably go through what I pulled out to save after #3 is here (make sure she really is a girl) to do a second donation.

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  • We saved everything that wasn't nasty, stained or worn out. Good thing because we are having DS3 and saved so much money! I say save everything from both for a few years just in case you have one more baby :)
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  • We are done having kids, so I am trying to sell them or eventually donate them. The only thing I feel like I'll have a problem getting rid of are LO#1's See Kai Run shoes. Guess because they are the most expensive pieces of 'clothing' he has. If I knew we were going to try to have a 3rd, I would save all of them.
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