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Anyone pregnant or due at 40+

I was 11 weeks pregnant and on Sunday miscarried.  I would have been due on February 13 and delivering at 39 years old.  We felt like this was our last chance to have another one.  We are both pretty upset.  My husband would like to try again after a few months but that would mean if we were lucky enough to get pregnant again I would be having a baby in my 40's.  I never imagined having children this late in my life. I have a 20 year old daughter from a previous relationship.  After getting married  to my husband we started to try right away as time was not on our side.  We were lucky enough to have my son Shea who will be 2 next month.  We both really wanted a little brother or sister for Shea.  Now I'm feeling maybe we should just be happy with what we have.

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Re: Anyone pregnant or due at 40+

  • Sorry about your lost. I will have my baby at 43 and 3 months shy of turning 44. so far everything has been good. good luck if you try again.
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    I am so very sorry for your loss.  I understand your heartache all too well.  I know there are plenty of women on here that are very close to 40 or over 40 and they can attest to pregnancy in your 40 as not being as scary as it is made out to be.

    So very sorry for your loss and good luck with whatever decision you make regarding a bother or sister for your son.

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  • so sorry.

    i was 39 when my first son was born (he is 3.5 now) and i'm 42 ... will be 3 months shy of 43 when this boy is due to be born.

    time is definitely not an ally, but not a total roadblock.  there are plenty of women here who got pg easily in their 40's ... some without even officially trying. 

    since you don't mention having any troubles getting pg, it seems that you still have some good stuff left.  don't let age be an obstacle.  give yourself some time to grieve this loss, and then see where you are.  good luck, and don't give up the ship ...

  • So sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to your family. I am 39, will be 40 years 2 months when my daughter is born God willing in December.  I too never thought I would so "old" having my first child.  Good luck with what ever you decide to do- like pp said, a lot of us got pregnant pretty easy despite our age so don't let that get you down.  
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  • I am so sorry for your loss!

    I am 43 now, and have already given birth to one daughter after 40.  I have had 6 losses, all before I was 35.  Both after-40 pregnancies have been very easy on me.  My parents had both me and my younger sister in their 40s. 

    We may not even be done after this one, we're kind of hoping for 3.  We'll see.

    Good luck with whatever you decide! 

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  • I am so sorry for your loss.

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  • I have had 3 losses and now I am 15 weeks pregnant and I just turned 40. I am very sorry for your loss
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  • Oh geez.. I could have written this post a year ago this month.  I am so sorry for your loss.  It totally stinks. You'll get through it.. but as a PP said.. give yourself time to grieve your loss.. process it, be angry, cry, do whatever you need to do.

    I got pregnant pretty quickly with my daughter and found out on my 38th birthday.. She will be 20 months on Saturday.  Last summer I miscarried in July, (was also due in February)....and was so disappointed and felt exactly as you do right now...I wanted to give my daughter a sibling and it made me so sad....  I also wanted to have a baby BEFORE my 40th bday, as if it were a magical number or something.. However.. we "started" trying in October.. and I got pregnant in November (found out on Thanksgiving around my daughters 1st bday wkend) and was 20 weeks pregnant on my 40th bday and will now have my baby boy very very soon.

    So.. yes.. I'm pregnant at 40.. no complications, far so good.  I wish you all the best.. sending you *hugs*.

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  • Hello and I'm sorry for your loss.  I had my DD at 38 and then suffered two losses.  Now I am 42 and got pregnant the normal way and the pregnancy has been great so far.  It's a tough decision, but still possible if you want to try again.
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  • Hi Kristin , 

    I am a Labor and delivery nurse and although right now you would be feeling sadness over your very recent miscarriage , I am sure that your OB would agree with me that although women over 35 are in a higher risk category , there would be no reason to believe you cannot conceive and carry to term  , when the timing is right . I love the name Shea and congratulations on his second birthday . By the way , I also have a 21 year old son ( I am 43 ! and was recently surprised by a pregnancy ... I am 15 weeks at this time ) . I see women every day delivering their first children over the age of 40 . Your history of fertility weighs in your favor .

    Take care of yourself ,



  • I am 42 1/2 and due on 8/11.  It was a surprise for us, but I have really had no problems. My feet and hands have been swollen for the last 2 months but my doctor is not worried. I was not someone who worked out or anything. I try to eat right and walk at night maybe 1/2 mile or so.  I think i was just lucky. My baby is 23 so it has been awhile for my body.

    Sorry for your loss. Could have been Gods way.  Share with your doctor and et her advice. I say  keep trying.  Good luck.

  • So, so sorry for your loss.  I had a m/c last summer at 7.5 weeks (about 1 week before my 42nd birthday).  They did a D&C and determined the m/c was caused by trisomy 18 (which is common with old eggs). Altho I conceived naturally, it was the first time I had ever been pregnant (or had even tried to get pregnant) so I also wondered whether it was just too late for me.  This past March I got pregnant again naturally (after a cancelled IVF cycle) and I'm currently at 21 weeks (ticker is off).  So far the pregnancy has been problem-free and CVS ruled out down's syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities (including trisomy 18). I'll be 43 when I give birth.  Everybody is different, of course, but you shouldn't give up hope.  A healthy baby is still possible for you.  Good luck!

    P.S. We have the same name and same spelling. :)

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  • So sorry for your loss. I am 40 right now and expecting our second (and last) child in a few weeks. Good luck!
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  • sorry for your loss.  I had a m/c at 10w5d last oct.  i am currently pregnant and 29 weeks.  I am 41 years old.  i had my first at 39.  i was hoping to have our second before i turned 41 but that didn't happen.  good luck
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  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I just turned 41 and am due in March when I will be 4 months shy of my 42nd birthday.  I have a son who will be 3 in November - I had him when I was 38.  I really wanted my second before I turned 40 - but it was not meant to be.  Good Luck!
  • Sorry for the MC we had several. It rips your heart out.

    but now at 49 I am pregnant. I am due in Jan when I will be 50

    yeah I am the oldest here I think. and deep down I would do it again to get a sibling too.

    I have 2 teens from xdh#1 which I had at 32 and 36

    my friends have had babies at 39, and later

    my best friend got married at 39 baby at 40 and twins at 42 all are great

    my other friend had hers at 45 all great too

    If you have a really supportive DH and he loves you you can do anything if you want to it is all about your body how you feel and how you view life.

    I am not old in my heart and mind and in my soul. I am really excited to be a mommy and to do this because I have done it before I am old hat at what to expect and am so relaxed.

    ok so bottom line

    it is all up to you and DH 

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  • Sorry to hear about your loss. I really hope you try again after a break.  A vacation can work wonders.

     I was 40 in Dec this year and thought I would never get the oportunity to have a baby.  I had a m/c back when I was 23 and to my disapointment didn't get preg again till now.  I have a new husband, we got married on 7th of March 2009 and have been trying since then.  I was told by doctors not to give up hope and that there was still time.  We went on vaction to my husbands family in British Columbia for Christmas and had time to relax and forget about everything.  On the 26th of March this year, we adopted a little grey kitten and I desided to forget about concieving for awhile.  On 7th of April I got pregnant and was over the moon to find out two weeks later!  I never thought it would happen to me.  I am now 17 weeks and 4 days.  We find out what we are having on the 5th of Aug and I am due on the 31st of Dec.  I never thought I would be having a baby at the age of 41.

    Good luck everyone!


  • I'm sorry for your loss.

    I am 41 and will be 42 when this baby arrives in December.  My eldest is 21 years old and my "baby" is 19 years old.  In effect, we are starting a second family with that big of an age gap.  

    I've wanted another child almost for 17 years...and when we were trying to get pregnant, our idea was to have this child and then adopt another for a sibling as I felt that we'd be able to have two, relatively close-in-age children that way (and the whole time on our side thing you mentioned).  Since we found we're pregnant, DH has decided against adoption (at this point can't articulate his reasonings - but has shared various concerns none-the-less).

    I hope whatever decision you make, or whatever route you attempt is peaceful and successful. 


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  • I am truly sorry for your loss, and had a loss late last year at 12 weeks (I was 40 and that baby was to be my first) and it was such an emotional time. I am now 29 weeks pregnant with twin boys and will be 41 when they are born. We have talked about having one more after these two, and feel I still have plenty of time!! Good luck to you!  
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