3rd Trimester

I made it to 35/35! But...

I really don't think it will be 35 days before LO#2 is here. I dropped about 5 days ago and I am starting to feel her moving further down the birth canal with some new and different feeling contractions. I want her to make it to wk 37. Hold on there, baby!
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Re: I made it to 35/35! But...

  • That's how I felt at 35 too!  But Wednesday is my DD.  And just when I thought DS couldn't drop any lower....HELLO!  About a week ago he really dropped.  I think maybe because it's my 2nd?


  • I am with you. My LO partially dropped 35w1d and I keep telling DH that I think he or she may come early. Not necesarily tomorrow, but just earlier than thier August 20th due date.

    Then my BFF emailed me yesterday to tell me she had a very real dream about me giving birth (so much so that she thought for a minute that LO was here!)

    She said that is was a boy, 9oz was part of the weight and he came a bit early....

    I will be full term this Saturday.  Only time will tell. 

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