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Any moms with Kidney Reflux babies?

My daughter is 16 mo. She has Grade 4 Reflux in both kidneys. Any other moms go through this? Any advice? She actually has another sonogram this Wednesday. I am nervous. I am thinking she will need surgery. :(

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Re: Any moms with Kidney Reflux babies?

  • I've never written on here before, but I could relate to this one ... yes, my little one has kidney reflux, but grade 2.  It is very nerve wrecking!  My best advice?  Get the BEST pedi radiologist to do the VCUG.  Our little one's reflux was SO quick to the kidneys, but fortunately my Mom IS a pedi radiologist and had to deliver the not so great news to us.  Also, PREPARE yourself that EVERY time that they have a fever now you MUST go to the pediatrician to make sure the infected urine isn't going in to those kidneys.  Make sure to NEVER forget to give her the antibiotic at night and also, remember that as they gain weight your dosage will increase as well.  Good look with another procedure coming up...we go back in about 9 months and hopefully, they'll outgrow it by then, which apparently is most common (according to my husband, who get this, is a Urologist.  We just have the perfect people to help our cutie take care of this). 
  • Oh wow, you have lucked out! Thankfully we have a great pediatric urologist here in town and he wanted to watch her for a year - she was actually in the hospital around 1 year old having gotten dehydrated from being so sick with a high fever - finally they realized it was reflux after several tests. Now she has gotten an infection again, he will be doing another sonogram to determine if surgery is necessary, I am nervous. She has been taking a daily antibitic for about 4 months now.
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  • Sorry you are dealing with this!! My DD doesn't have it but drs thought she did due to many unexplained high fevers and FTT (all ended up being related to regular acid reflux/RAD and aspirating during reflux episdoes).

    We had to do a VCUG as well! I agree with the other PPer about making sure you get a good dr to do this! It's harder on us then them I think sometimes with so many tests!

    I hope both your LO's grow out of it! It's so hard when they are "sick" and no one else understands!


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  • My DD has Grade 2 reflux which was discovered when she was in the NICU.  She's never actually been sick from it, probably because she's been on daily antiobiotics for it since just weeks old.  The VCUG procedure was definitely not fun, but she seemed to forget all about it several minutes after it was over; I'm the one who still remembers it!  The nurses who helped with the procedure gave her a pacifier that was dipped in a bit of sugar water, which seemed to help.  They also did a great job of *trying* to distract her by tapping on the table, making noises, etc. 

    I know it's not easy.  I hope that the sonogram goes well for you.

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