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Anyone mix BM and formula for bottles?

We started mixing C's bottles about half and half when I went back to work and my supply dropped off. I was only pumping half of what he was eating while I was at work, so we had to mix it with formula. When we started, we were doing 2 oz of BM to 2 oz of formula. Now he's getting 2 oz of formula and 3 oz of BM. I think we need to up his amounts again. Just curious if anyone else is mixing and how much/what ratio you're giving.
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Re: Anyone mix BM and formula for bottles?

  • We were mixing 2 oz formula and 2 oz BM, then 2 oz formula with 3 oz BM. Now that I'm weaning off the pump (I EP) he gets 3 full formula bottles and 2 ful BM bottles per day. Soon it'll be 4 formula and 1 BM, and then all formula.

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  • I gave as much BM as I had and then made up the difference with formula.

    So at the time when I was switching from EBF to formula she was getting 5 oz at a time. So I gave whatever I pumped (which varried from day to day) and then added however much formula to make a total of 5 oz. Some bottles would be 2 oz BM 3 oz Formula, other would be 1BM4F, sometimes 4BM1F... but I kept her total oz the same.

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