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Share Your DC Name Ideas!

So I tried scrolling back (many) pages but didn't find much, and even tried a board search (which turned up nothing so I don't know if this function is working).

DH and I are pretty stuck on boys names right now, but ideas are coming along for girls.  DS #1 is Drew (Andrew) William.

For DC #2-

Girls-Avery, Isabelle, Ryan or Rianne, Grace, Cameron... and Harper will be the middle name (family name being passed down)

Boys-???  Jameson and Jackson have been thrown out there but I don't think either are "it."  Kenneth will be the middle name most likely (again, a family name)

Please share :o)

Re: Share Your DC Name Ideas!

  • You mean share my names or comment on yours?

    This baby will either be Gwendolyn Rose or Gabriel Ross.  It's entirely coincidental that our top boy and girl name choices start with GR.

    Of your name choices, I like Avery or Isabelle best, and Jameson is groovy. 

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  • I think our girl name will probably be Sophia Grace. I also LOVE Isabelle and Chloe though. So we'll see. I think Avery is adorable too.

    Boys are a little tougher... I like Ryan, Grant, Carter, and Jackson/Jack. DH is a touch sell. I'd love to hear other peoples ideas.

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  • LOL... DH is not a touch sell, he's a tough sell. Oops!
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  • My best friends name is Ryann (said just like ryan) so I have to pick Ryan from your list of girl names.  I like Jackson better then Jameson. 

    For our names we have Oliver for a boy, and nothing we can agree on for a girl, maybe Olivia.  My husband is hawaiian and so we are choosing a hawaiian middle name for all of our children.


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  • I meant just to share your own name choices- but feedback is welcome too :o)  Thanks for the "votes" so far!

    Why is it that girls names seem so much easier??

    Excited to see everyone's ideas!  It's amazing how much name lists change in just 2 years.  The names I'm seeing now are so different from the lists people posted when I was pg with DS.

  • If we have a girl, her name will probably be Hadley Nicole.

    Boys names are really hard for us. DS's name is Brecken Andrew, and I want something that does not end in "en." or start with "br." I do like Bennet, Wyatt, Thomas, Travis, and Mason.  

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  • Our girl name is Caroline Elizabeth.

    Boy is TBD....William will definitely be a part of the name, but we are unsure as to whether a son will have William as a first name & be "Will," or if it will just be his middle.  We're leaning towards Nathaniel (Nate) or Dean.  I love Nathaniel, but Nathaniel William has a lot of L's, as does our last name.

  • Our girl's name would be Taylor Marie and our boy's name is Marcus James (all family names)
  • Boys:

    Cooper William

    William(Liam) Cooper

    Graham William



    Emelia Marie

    Elianna Marie

    Josephine Marie

  • Our other names:

    Olivia Abigail
    Amelia or Anna Sophia (we go back and forth over it, but think the odds of three girls is small)
    Madeline Leah

    Noah Christopher
    Alexander David
    Matthew Scott (though the odds of four boy better be very small)

    Gwendolyn Rose and Gabriel Ross just happen to be GR.  Sigh.  It looks so cutesy.

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  • For a boy we like Jackson Donovan (Jax for short-I love the name jackson but dont like Jack that much, Donovan after my grandfather)

    For a girl we have a slight difference of opinion-I like Katrina Lucille (Katrina-saddly after Hurricane Katrina - which is why my husband doesnt like it...and Lucille after my grandmother)

    He likes Jemma Lucille.  I dont dislike it.  Just not sure how I feel about naming my daughter after the bad a** biker mom on Sons of Anarchy...although the son's name is Jax, so whatever.

    I'm praying for a boy!

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  • If its a girl Annabelle Rose...I have liked this name since I was young

     If its a boy Dylan Hunter ...its tradition in my DH family to name the first boy with the initials DHL

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  • For a girl, she will possibly be, Amelia Clarice, and a boy, John Paul.  Amelia is the only non family name.
  • Boy- Atticus, Basil, Finn, or Milo. 

    Girl- Addison, Adaline, Fallon, Finley, Hollis, Saffron, or Tallulah.

    No ideas for middle names yet.  We both agree that these names are all in the running but can't decide until we pair each with a middle name and we won't use family names.

  • I have a link in my siggy to my name list if you want to check it out :)
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  • My DD name is Kendall Brynn which I LOVE. ?So we are having a hard time finding something we like just as much. ?But here are our choices so far:


    Emerson Paige


    Miles Ceiran?

  • Although DH hasn't agreed with me on any of these yet, here are names I like:


    Girls: Isabelle, Abigail, Maya, Sophia


    Boys: Andrew, Jonathan, Oliver, Zachary



  • My favorite girl's names are Maren and June.  Middle name will probably be Kelly (family name).

    Boy's names are harder.  Right now I like Cameron (Cam) and Calvin (Cal).  Middle name might be Cooper (family name) but our last name also starts with a C so that might be too much.


  • For a girl my fav right now is Finley Beth, but DH is still up in the air. For boys we like either Nathan Robert or Gavin Robert. I dunno.
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  • Girl- Ella Reese or Addison Reese

    Boy-Brody Michael (this is the name I love-DH is slowly coming around on it)

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  • For a boy, I think we are decided on Carter John (CJ for short).  I also like Jaxon Bruce (Bruce is a family name, as is John).

     Girls are tough.  Middle name will be Ellen.  I like Madison, Riley and Sophia, but DH doesn't seem to like any of those.  We still have 8 months to figure it out!

  • For a boy we are 99% on Landon Cole. Possibly Elliot, no middle name yet.

    For girls we (I) have Emilyn, Abigail, or Natalie.

    I like all your ideas for names also. My SIL name is Kamiryn (if you were interested in an alternative spelling, also different than the boy's spelling). We call her Kami for short.

    Good Luck!

  • Boys are definitely harder, but we have so far: Noah or Owen (i was having trouble finding a middle name for these too, but i love the earlier idea of Noah Christopher that sounds nice!)

    Girls: Grace or Leah

  • Boy we are going w/ Cameron Peter

    Girl we want Penny Lynn


    Might change our mind on the girls name but we're not sure.  I think it would be hard b/c the majority of our friends/family love it. My mom tells me all the time she's worried we'll change our minds b/c she loves the names we picked.


    Your names, I would go wtih Grace for a girl, Jackson for a boy.

  • If the babe is a boy, Jack or George (both family names)

    If its a girl, Reese or Greta

  • Oh, and dh likes Landry for a girl, but we live in Texas and everyone instantly thinks of Tom Landry.
  • Our first son is Nicolas, we call him Nico for short

    For a girl this time we I think are set on Giuliana Marie. Our other thought was Ava Marie.

     For another boy we like Lucas, calling him Luca for short. Rocco was our other thought.

  • We like Zoe Jeanette for a girl (Jeanette is my grandmother's middle name), and Samuel- (calling him Sam) Edward for a boy (Edward is my DH's grandfather's middle name).

    So for now, because we don't know if it will be a Zoe or a Sam, we've been calling him/her Sozam.


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