3rd Trimester

So Swollen!!

Ok so I've gotten to the point where not only does my belly look bigger then a watermelon, but my feet have swollen a full size larger then normal.

The doc just tells me to stay off my feet & drink a lot of water....and i have-but it's 105 degrees here ( I'm NOT joking, it is literally 105) so even sitting in the house all day my feet swell and I've been drinking more water then a fish.

STILL no help

 I'm so large that i cant lay back and prop my feet up because its uncomfortable and I'm not really comfortable going to get a pedicure because of how bad my feet look (and feel)

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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Re: So Swollen!!

  • I'm 39 weeks and in the same boat.....no advice for you....but I'd also be interested if anyone else has any input. Good luck!

  • My feet have been swollen since late March!  Squeeze some lemons or limes in your water...that seems to help mine a little bit. 
  • Unless it's 105 in your house, stay inside.  Try laying down on your side with your feet up.  That may be more comfortable than just sitting with your feet up.  Drink iced water to help keep you cool and drink enough that you're peeing every 30 minutes to an hour while you're awake.  You can also try a cool bath or swimming (assuming your doctor is okay with these) to help you feel less swollen.  I also agree with the other poster about adding lemon to your water.  It helps with swelling.  Also watch your salt intake.  If you're eating processed foods, stop.  They'll only make you swell more. 
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  • Having my dh rub my feet when they were swollen helped to some extent. 
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  • My doctor told me to lay with my feet above my heart which at this point in pregnancy can be a little difficult but I prop my feet up with a pillow on the arm rest of my couch to elevate my feet enough. I had to cut way down on my salt intake, which is hard for me because I grew up putting salt on almost everything! I try not to eat prepackaged foods very often but I'm so tired I usually don't feel like cooking! I agree about adding the lemon to the water, it seems to help me a little bit more and it smells great :) Good luck!
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