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Anyone else have to go to Maternal Fetal Medicine?

So at my 30 week checkup, my doctor dropped it on me that he wants me to go see Maternal Fetal Medicine next week for an U/S. Not because he's worried or thinks something may be wrong, but because of maternal age and the recurrent miscarriages (caused by thrombophilia, I'm using Heparin successfully with this one to treat it).

Has this happened to anyone else? 

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Re: Anyone else have to go to Maternal Fetal Medicine?

  • You mean a perinatologist?  I had a bunch of ultrasounds with Margaux, we were seeing a perinatologist at least monthly.  I actually enjoyed those visits, I found it reassuring to see her moving around in there.
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  • I am starting to see MFM this pg at 24 weeks due to prior late term loss. I am going to have growth scans every 4 weeks and then possible more depending on how things are going.
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  • I'm not necessarily "seeing" the MFM doc, but that's where I'm being sent for my NT scan, 19 wk ultrasound and any other ultrasounds I may need to have done.  I didn't ask, but I'm guessing it's because of my age.
  • I saw them for my 20 week ultrasound and amnio.


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  • I have been seeing a MFM since about 12 weeks. I have a pre-existing condition in addition to the standard AMA that requires me to see a perinatologist. So far, my visits have been routine and it seems like they mostly just keep tabs on me and work with my other drs.

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  • I began seeing my MFM (perinatologist) starting at 20 weeks.  From 20 weeks to 32 weeks, I saw my MFM (perinatologist) once a month. From 32 weeks to present day I now see the perinatologist for my LO biophysical and my OB for NST once a week.  I suffer from GD and I am over 35, so my OB doctor felt that it was important to do. Their only concern is to get my LO to the outside world safe and sound. 
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  • I see a peri every other week for our twins, which is routine. I love it because I get to see them often and its good peace of mind to know they are checking in on them! Its a good thing that they are ontop of things and having you go. They look at alot more usually than an OB would and sometimes have better equipment for the u/s. GL
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  • I was sent to one for my amnio, but that was all. They had awesome U/S equipment. All the latest and greatest!

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  • This is where I have gone for all my ultrasounds and tests.  They don't do them at my dr office and his office is in the hospital anyway. 
  • Yes.  I'm on progesterone shots.  I delivered early last time.  They are also monitoring the cervix. 
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  • I went to the MFM office for biweekly NST's and ultrasound checks on my fluid levels b/c they kept cycling in and out of the "normal" range from 32 wks until 40 wks.  i was induced at 40 wk 5 days.  My OB said that I had them just because I was 40.  The baby did fine at all but 1 of the NST's and they weren't overly concerned about the fluid b/c it wasn't consistently too high.  If I were <40, they said I basically could have stopped going.  I'd just try to enjoy the extra looks at your baby.

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  • Due to "my age" and previous loss the old OB had me going to see MFM once or twice a month for U/Ss and various testing since they dont do many tests in the office itself.

    But I will say it is much nicer getting to see Kieran every couple of weeks.  This is honestly the longest I have gone without seeing him at all. 

    Next 2 appointments are 6 days apart - one with the new OB and then one for the A/S. 

    It may make your heart jump at first to hear that they are sending you there but all in all most of the time it is because the regular OB office isnt equipped with the things they need for proper monitoring on our old lady parts (sarcasm)

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  • I went to my 1st midwife appt on Monday...just history and discussing our questions and concerns as well as her concerns...and she did tell us that at around 20 weeks she would send me to a MFM for one of the new high tech U/S bc of my age so they could get a better look at the baby. I am actually looking forward to that. I wanted a 3D/4D U/S anyways and was going to pay to have one done but now I dont have to :) I also told my midwife that I did not want any invasive procedures done just bc of my age. If something was found on U/S then we would talk about it but otherwise no.
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  • I will be the Aug 3 for 2nd level NT scan and more follow up due to our age. 

    my friend is the now due to breaking of water on 1 of 2 twins on hospital bed rest  but loves the place and attention  she is doing great 

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