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Hello!  I am located in Louisville and am ttc/possibly pregnant at the time.  I have only been here for 2 years and I have gone to Women's First for my checkups. I know a lot of people really like it there, but they have not impressed me at all.  I feel like everything is very rushed and they are more focused on getting me out of there to get the next person in than anything else. I would like to try somewhere else, but I don't really know where to go.  I was wondering if anyone has had a great experience with any other obgyn's in the area.  I live in middletown so it would be awesome to find something out in this area, but anywhere is fine.  Thanks so much for your help!

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Re: Obgyn Louisville

  • I go to AOG (Associates in OBGYN) at Suburban. Some people don't like them but they were amazing all during my pregnancy and now during my annual check ups.  I saw Dr. Jennifer Evans and love her!

    Hope this helps!  Good luck!

  • I went to Women's First for this pregnancy and didn't have any issues, except long wait times.

    For my first pregnancy, I went to All Women at Norton Suburban.  I had a miscarriage at around 11 weeks.  When I called, they had me come in to do an ultrasound.  They left me sobbing in the waiting room full of happy pregnant women for a half hour, finally my DH asked if there was a separate room we could wait in.  Then when the doctor did finally see me, she was just matter of fact, yes, it was a miscarriage, here is a prescription, come back next week.  She never once offered condolences or anything.  Needless to say, I would not recommend them.  

    Sorry I don't have any suggestions.  I've only lived here for 5 years, and my old OB/GYN retired.

    Good luck TTC or with the pregnancy.  I hope you find a new OB soon.

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  • That is awful about your first pregnancy--I can only imagine how hard that was for you.  Thanks so much for your advice!

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  • I go to Louisville Physicians for Women at Suburban and I really like the doctors there especially being that when I found out that I was pregnant I was pretty far along and they have taken great care of me and my son.  They have gotten us in for appointments relatively quickly and they go over plenty of things tht I need to kno as my pregnancy has progressed.  They take their time with me and also have ran all the necessary tests to make sure that me and the baby are both doing very good.  I had previously heard good things abt this doctor's office.
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    My sister is a medical malpractice attorney and did a lot of research before she picked her OB/GNY. She's and her attorney friends go to All Women at Suburban. So, based on her strong recommendation, am going there too. They deliver at Suburban (which has a NICU & let's you decide on the epi during labor) and Baptist East. It's a rotation practice, so you see all the doctor's during your pregnancy so that you know the doc that happens to be on-call when you go into labor. My first appointment went well and I really like the nurse who will walk through my pregnancy with me (so while the doctor changes, you always have one person to call and ask questions). BTW, I went to Women First for some appointments in the past - wasn't impressed either.
  • I am a patient at Louisville Physicians for Women and have been very satisfied with their services (except for spending quite a while in the waiting room to see the doctor!). I will also be delivering at Suburban, but I'd warn you to be sure you come early for all appointments as their parking deck is a nightmare.
  • I know this is a bit late for you now, but I go to "Total Woman" also housed in the Suburban building. I was referred to them by many happy moms who are friends of friends. They've been good. I'm 31 weeks now so I've been going for a while, even when I was TTC.

    They recently allowed Baptist East as a delivery alternative option to Suburban, which I was happy about. My stepfather passed away of cancer abruptly in March, and he spent far too much time on each floor of Suburban. Didn't want to deliver there!!! IT's nice to have options. Baptist East seems to focus heavily on "Kangaroo Care" and I think that's pretty neat!

  • I have been going to All Women at Norton Suburban for four years, and love it. Dr. Paul is my main doctor, but I would be comfortable with any of them delivering my baby. I had a miscarriage in my second trimester, and they were extremely supportive. Dr. Paul cried with me and told me how sorry she was, and was very proactive in making sure it didn't happen again. I now have a very healthy almost two year old and another on the way. I have always been happy with my experience there, and highly recommend them to anyone who asks. 
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