3rd Trimester

So emotional

Anyone else feel like they are losing their mind?! I am SO emotional lately, I cry about once a day, get angry over stupid little things, then am the happiest girl in the world. I feel like a train wreck! Is it going to be like this until LO comes??

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Re: So emotional

  • Yeah, I've had more 'moments' lately than ever before. I also nap... Which is very strange for me. I haven't napped since I was 3, lol. Mom hated that I never took naps; almost got expelled from kindergarten because I wouldn't nap... So napping, and the occasional atomic emotional meltdown, are 2 very new things... BTW, your sig is fantastic, lol
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  • I read your symtoms and smiled, not at you but because i am dealing with the same thing and this is third baby. My other 2 pregnancys were great this time i actually thought about checking into a psych ward because my mood is so unstable. First thing i do in the morning, like clock work is cry for atleast an hour im steady crying , then i end up soo tired from the emotional breakdown i sleep, and wake up so mad! At night i am the most loving caring person in the world and i have energy and my husband , thinks i need meds because i have scared him with the emotional roller coaster, major depression, i will not take meds especially antipsychotics ,just my right, i honestly believe its the baby making me crazy,lol im not kidding i have this issue and its sad, no one understands! Crying i came across what you wrote and said im not alone, so thank you!
    Miss Savannah Hitt
  • I feel like I'm back in the first trimester I'm so emotional! I've had enough of this and my husband doesn't get it. He just ignores me because he thinks I'm being crazy on purpose. I can't wait for this baby to come and for my hormones to be normal again!
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