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DD hasn't pooped - help

... in over a day. she's almost 6 months (and EBF) and up till now has always pooped multiple times a day, every day. We started her on rice cereal (Plum Organics brown rice, once a day) about 2 weeks ago and she hasn't had any issues as far as constipation till now. I'll probably wait it out till tomorrow and see what happens... if she still hasn't gone I'll probably call the pedi. However I was just wondering what other moms think - should I NOT give her any cereal this evening in case it's that that's backing her up, or feed it to her as usual?
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Re: DD hasn't pooped - help

  • Have you checked out Kellymom for help on this?  I know its not unusual for BF babies to go a week between bowel movements, but I'm not sure if it changes when introducing solids.  I'd say if she's not in pain over it she's ok.  DD is a farter, not a pooper.  We get stools maybe once a week :-/

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  • I spoke with my doctor about this when my son hadn't had a bowel movement for a couple days...his response...

    Baby's don't necessarily poop long as he isn't bearing down, acting like he is in pain and isn't having trouble passing gas..he will be fine and poop when he is ready.

    Just keep an eye out for any sign of pain or pellet-like poop. Also - if her abdomen starts getting hard then she's backed up and you might need to give her something to help get things moving....water always helps. :) Good luck!

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  • too bad you missed my post yesterday on LO not being constipated anymore.  the gist of it was that dr recommended prune baby food was the key, followed eventually by more fruit.  specifically not cereals btw dr's orders.
  • When I started baby food with my little guy including cereal LO had the same issue. My pedi said that its fine if they go two to three days w/o going number two as long as they arent bearing down or their stomach is hard. If by the third day they don't go my dr said if they arent bearing down etc to give them pedia lax and that should get them to go or take them in for a visit. 

    Typically my LO goes once every couple days now since he's been eating baby food - where before he was going daily. My dr said to make sure to introduce all foods fruits vegis and cereal...  

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  • Rice can cause constipation. I chose not to give my girls rice cereal and started right on veggies.
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