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Any ideas? PLEASE?!

My baby shower is this Sunday and I want to give my hosts (mom, MIL, and grandmom) a nice gift for throwing it for us....but I'm having a really hard time coming up with ideas. What did/are you doing? Please share!!!

Re: Any ideas? PLEASE?!

  • what about a plant / shrub of some kind? 

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  • My mom, mil, and smil are throwing mine Sunday too!! Have fun!

    I'm getting them pedicure gift cards to their favorite nail place, and their favorite bottle of wine. Original? No. But I know for a fact they'll love it, or pretty much anything I get them.

    Another idea I had was something cutesy with "grandma" on it, like the pandora bracelet or something, but I know MIL wouldn't wear it, so then I would be left with picking something for each of them that is "equal".

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  • Huge bouquet of flowers never goes wrong! (unless they're allergic) haha
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  • I gave my hostesses a really nice lotion and hand soap or bath gel from my local drug store.  They loved it!  With my first shower I had more hostesses and less I just did a nice candle from Wal-Mart and dressed it up with tissue paper, cellophane, ribbon, and hand made thank you cards attached to the ribbon.
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  • I gave my mom and grandma a really pretty potted Orchid and they seemed to love it along with a very sweet thank you note. Its pretty simple but it was nice to give them.
  • I gave my work shower hostesses a Wine Country Gift basket with cookies and tea and goodies.

    My MIL and mom are getting really sappy Hallmark picture frames with LO's picture in them (once he's born, obviously). They have a poem about grandsons...I can't remember what they say! ETA: And I also took them out to lunch last weekend together.



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  • I told my hostesses that I was taking them out to lunch next time I'm in town. I could not come up with a good idea and the weekend was so busy. They are my sisters and SIL, so I feel like I have some time to get this accomplished and didn't need to show up with a gift right away!
  • My shower is Sunday too and given by my mom! 

    I got her a thirthy-one lunch bag and some bath and body works goodies. 

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  • With my 1st DS my mom and MIL each threw me a shower. I got them a gift basket from Bath & Body works and then a really nice photo album I found that was for Grandma. They both really seemed to like that.
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