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Closet organization -- ideas?

I've been working on our nursery and it's starting to come together.  However, the closet has me totally stumped.  We have a pretty big (wide) closet.  It isn't as big as a double one with sliding doors, but is wider than the rest of our "single" door closets in our little house.  There is one big bar that runs across the entire width, and there are 2 shelves already in there.  We need to keep the back of it relatively uncovered because it is the door to the eves of our house and we store things back there.  There is some room to put a bookcase or other storage piece about that width on one side facing sideways. 

So, what have you done to organize your closet??  I've been looking at those things you hang that are shelves for sweaters and clothes, thinking that might make some extra room.  Are baskets helpful?  More space to hang things?

We have some clothes, but not a HUGE amount, and I'm not sure what else we'll want to put in there in the future, so I'm having a hard time figuring out what to buy.  I don't need it to be 100% done before baby, but I'd like to get the bones in there so it's organized for us. 

What have you done?  2nd timers:  What works well for you?


Re: Closet organization -- ideas?

  • One word - Elfa.  The Container Store can help you plan out your closet and they're skilled at finding solutions for storage in hard places.  They also typically do Elfa sales at the end of summer (back to school time) and in January.
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  • what is Elfa?  =Baby closet ideas GALORE!

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  • Elfa just came to do the closets in our master bedroom and the pantry - it's sold through Container Store. I love them :)

    But for our nursery, we're actually doing the Ikea Stuva system - not sure if you have an Ikea in your area, but it's very reasonably priced and cute/modern, and has lots of modular options so can deal with a variety of space situations.


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  • For temporary extra hanging space while DD's clothing is nice and little we used one of those tension fit shower cutain rods underneath the permanent rod in the closet. You can take it out when you don't need it anymore without any damage whatsoever and it takes absolutely no tools to install. It has worked perfectly for us!
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  • Your closet sounds pretty much like ours! We had to do some major reno in it though. Here's the *almost* finished product.

    We put a shelf above the bar, added shelving to the right of the doorway and then shelves up the side of the closet. We have 2 big bins underneath the bottom shelf on the floor and a couple medium sized bins on the bottom shelf. It is plenty of storage for us (at least, I think it is..) Big Smile

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  • image Bella Bleu:

    what is Elfa?  =Baby closet ideas GALORE!


    It's completely modifiable.  The only thing you install is the top bar; the rest you can move around and add to or subtract from.  If you want to change things out later, you can actually take your shelves, etc... back to the Container Store and they'll recut them for you (or you can cut them yourself if you have the tools to cut steel).  We've done our pantry and several other spaces in Elfa and it's worth every penny.  Our house has hard to fit closets and they always seem to have some solution that maximizes our storage space. 

    We went in to design our "ideal" nursery closet and then bought the bare bones that we need now (since it wasn't on sale).  It's set up to be added to later when we have more clothes and things (and actually have shoes for him), but is also really functional for what we have now and expect to have in the next six months or so. 

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  • We went with really simple storage that was easy to move around. For the floor we got a Rubbermaid 3 drawer storage container that is on wheels. It's plain white with plastic drawers but we got some really cute decals that matched the theme of the room (airplanes) and decorated them. Then we got a hanging closet organizer from Target that hangs from the bar in the closet. I tried to find it online to give a link, but it slides on the bar pretty easy so we can move it to the side and then roll the rubbermaid around as needed too. Both really simple and kinda plain, but since we keep the closet door closed most the time we don't mind.
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  • We have a rather small dresser for LO.  In his closet there are shelves that we put canvas bins on- with pants in one and long sleeve onies in another (with all other clothing in dresser).  Mini bins for socks and hats.  Another normal sized one for blankets.  Another mini for burp clothes and bibs.  We also have a big rubber made container for his clothes as he grows out of them rather then putting them back in his drawers.

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