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Hi Everyone,

The office I have been working out of for the past four years is being closed. Luckily, I have been allowed to transition into a work from home position. I will still be doing the same job (marketing) but now out of my home office.

I have a one year old who I have had in daycare full time. I'm wondering if I should keep my schedule the way it is and her in daycare the same amount of time (8am-4pm, M-F) or if I should try to "flex" my time more. Maybe try and work some early in the morning before she wakes up and then take her in a little later or pick her up early and work more at night.  Or will this type of schedule just make me feel crazy? 

For other work at home moms...would you say that you still stick to the core business hours and keep your LO's in daycare full days? Also, since I work in marketing, my work is more project based, I don't necessarily need to be available at certain times...I just need to get my work done.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • hocushocus
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    I've always WAH and I keep traditional hours and have regular day care. I think reducing you use of day care means someone thing else will have to split -- you'll get less sleep, spend less time with your husband, focus on your job less. There are only some many hours in the day and only so much you can give.

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  • I WFH and am also in marketing. I have PT care right now (tue-thur 9-3) - I start work 2.5 hours before my LO wakes up (start work at 6 am, LO wakes up at 830) and she also naps for 2 solid hours a day. I make up time when needed nights/weekends. It really depends on what you want to give up. For me I'd rather spend more time with LO and I dont want to put her in daycare (i use a nanny who comes to my house). When I have LO #2 next month, I have realized I will need more help so my nanny will come mon-thur 9-5 and I will handle fridays.
  • I work PT, but I still flex my hours. I work two days in the office with core hours and then I work on the morning, weekend some, naps, and night. Depending on the week sometimes I take her DC for another day or 1/2 day but sometimes I don't.

    PT DC for an infant really isn't an option here so I pay full and drop her off when needed. My DH travels a lot for work so I tend to work more on 'off' hours when he is not around.

    I would keep the daycare available, play it by ear and see how it goes.

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  • McRibMcRib
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    I WAH 2 days a week from 9-5. What you can get done depends on your childcare/kiddo. I do the bulk of my job on the 3 days in office and I just put out fires and answer calls/emails at home. My LO is still napping 2x a day for 1-3 hours each so I am able to get a lot done. Depends on your child's current schedule. When LO #2 is born I will do the same and keep her with me 2x a week while putting DS into daycare FT. Hopefully she is as easy going as her brother has been, if not I will need to hire child care on my WAH days.
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  • I worked from home one day a week for DD's first year.  Now that's she's a toddler, I will be sending her to child care full time in the fall.  Having her at home means that not only do I not get quality work done, but I also don't have quality time with her and she doesn't get the attention and interaction that she gets at child care.

    Flexing time sounds like a good idea, but it will make for some long days for you.  I think for me it would come down to whether or not I thought the extra time with LO would be quality.


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  • Unless you are going to save a significant amount of money by switching to PT DC I would probably stick to the same hours.  Most DC's don't give you much of a discount, so I doubt it would be worth the stress on you to wake early, work late, etc.  Like others said, there are only so many hours in a day.
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  • Thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate it. I think I will stick to my current work hours but if I'm done early some days it's nice to know I can just go and pick my DD up and enjoy some extra time with her.
  • I keep normal hours with normal daycare and it's the only structure that works for me/my son.
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  • I transitioned to a WAH FT position at the beginning of the year. I have left DD in daycare full time, but take her in later and pick her up earlier. I am just now to a point where I am considering dropping some daycare hours, or changing to a 9-3 preschool.
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