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I just received a positive alpha feta protein (which test for abnormalities). It came back positive for Down Syndrome. My husband and I have no known history of DS in our family, but to my understanding, it's not always hereditary. Long story short, I am a nervous wreck and have spent pretty much the whole day crying. My doc doesn't seem to be too concerned as the level was extremely low. I meet with a specialist and do the 2D ultrasound next week. In the mean time, any suggestions on how to calm myself down, or any experiences with this test, and having perfectly healthy babies? Depending on what the specialist say's I may opt for amnio, just bc I want to be fully prepared for a special needs child.

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  • I had increased risk for NTD from my sequential screen.  I found out last Tuesday and go for my level II ultrasound in about three hours.  The first few days I mostly cried, but my OB called to talk to me on Wed. or Thurs.  He said that these tests come back with false positives fairly often, and that if HE was concerned he would have told me. 

    I do have two friends who both had higher than average numbers for DS (I believe one was 1/12 or something close) and both had perfectly healthy babies. 

    It's impossible to tell you not to worry.  Of course you're going to worry.  This concerns your baby.  Just be aware that false positives are pretty common and you are doing everything you can to be prepared.  My best advice is NOT to google, no matter how tempted you are.  Google was my worst enemy this week.  Clearly I didn't follow my own advice. 

    I tried to keep busy as much as I could doing things that required thinking like puzzles, talking with friends/DH or getting sucked in to a movie or TV show.  It helped a little bit to know that I was taking all of the steps that I could.  You're going for another ultrasound to check the baby and meeting with a specialist.  You're doing everything in your power to check on your LO.  There's nothing more you can do right now-- it sucks. 

    I'm sorry I'm not much help but you are not alone and I will be thinking of you.  Please update us with results next week.  When exactly do you go for your ultrasound?

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  • Just keep in mind that it's not "positive" for Down's Syndrome. These tests are not at all diagnostic. I was given a 1:18 for Downs and 1:75 for T18, all over a slightly low papp-a, when everything else was normal.

    I opted for a CVS at 13 weeks and my daughter is fine! I know how stressful this is. I cried for 2 weeks straight and made the mistake of googling. Don't google! Listen to your Doc's and what they have to say. It's what kept me sane while waiting for my results.

    My OB and high risk doc both said, "We think everything will be ok. These carry a large false positive rate and only about 1% of women who test screen positive will actually have a baby with Downs or neural tube defect." It was my silver lining I so desperately needed at the time:-)

    These tests are based on statistics alone... odds ARE in your favor. I'll be thinking of you!!!!!!!! 

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  • We had the test too and are waiting on Aug 3rd they will check us out. And yes I googled. My NT US was good but the blood work together with my age put me at a high risk. Crided and cried and felt so sad whenever I saw a healthy baby but spoke to the genetic counselor that said I have a 91% chance of a healthy one she turned their numbers around and said until I have that 2nd US not to get all freaked out. Right now it is just statistics.

    So until you know for certain relax stress is not good for the LO or you. I am keeping busy and thinking positive. 

    best wishes to you and all here worrying. will let you know how we fare in Aug.


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  • We are in the same boat.  If Lab Corp did your testing, they actually do put "Positive for Down Syndrome" on the report, which really upset me.  I calmed down and looked at the report again and saw the ratio farther on the report....1:235.  They call it positve at 1:270.  I hate that they report it this way because even with all my lab knowledge it still freaked the heck out of me.

    We go  for our Level 2 ultrasound next Tuesday.  I am more calm now and just praying for good results.

  • Thank you all for the re-assurance. I'm going on the 27th to meet with specialist and do the level 2 u/s. Just nerve wracking. It helps to know I'm not the only one. I'm trying to think positive until I know for sure. This will be my first, and I'm only 23, so I don't meet the 'typical' criteria. And my ration was 1:200. My OB said he had one on another patient come back 1:10 and she still delivered a perfectly healthy baby. I do know I'm having a girl!! We just found that out, not even a week ago. I will love her no matter what. I just know how the rest of the world will act. Keep me posted on what you all find out!! And thank you, again for the kind words and, just relating! It helps SO much! :)
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