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Putting to bed early?

LO has taken ONE 20 min nap today and after bath time at 6pm she was so cranky and fussy I knew she was super over tired. I just Put her down for the night over an hour earlier than usual... Have you had to do this before? Hoping it won't mess up her sleep sched which has been pretty consistent for weeks now!! I feel bad putting her to bed so early...

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Re: Putting to bed early?

  • I've done this a few times. His normal bedtime is 8:30. He'll tell me if he wants to go to bed earlier in which case I have no problem putting him down. Sometimes he'll go to bed at 7pm. It has not messed up his sleep schedule at all.
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  • i've found when i had to put LO to bed early that it usually meant i was putting her to bed too late to begin with. we just (gradually) moved her from 9pm to 7pm and it has made SUCH a difference--i keep reading that a baby's natural bedtime is 7pm (with morning wake up at 7am) but never really understood how important it was until this week. she actually sleeps longer now that we are putting her down early! 
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  • ReeseMReeseM member
    No to worry! Chances are good your night will be exactly the same as usual, if not better! An hour is really not a big deal in the scheme of things.
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  • I let my daughter gauge her bed time and nap time. If it's getting late--- like nearing 6--- I'll give her a bath and a good meal to keep her up a little longer.  I have also had nights where she wasn't interested in going to sleep until after 9. I have not found it to effect her sleep schedule. She's in bed generally between 7 and 8 (sometimes earlier and sometimes later) and wakes up consistently between 7 and 10am. Sometimes when I put her to sleep at 6pm, she sleeps until 10 the next morning, and sometimes when I put her down later, she's awake earlier. She knows what she needs- if she's tired, let her sleep!


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