BF + solids = less milk intake?

My LO is almost 8 months and I've noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of milk she consumes each day while I'm at work.  In 8 hours, she used to take 15-18 ounces and I'd pump the same.  Now, I still pump that much but she's only taking 8-10 ounces while away.  She recently increased the amount of food she eats considerably.  She was eating 1-2 tablespoons per meal (not a big fan of food at first) and now she's doing 4 ounces plus a slice of bread at each meal.  Are we still on the right track?  Is this normal?  She seems to have less interest in nursing lately too....she'll eat for 2 minutes and pop off and be completely not interested.  I'm still super full so I know she didn't drain me.  Any advice is appreciated!

Re: BF + solids = less milk intake?

  • Do you nurse before or after the solids? If you don't think she's getting enough milk you can feed her less solids. "they" say you should nurse first so you know they're getting enough milk. I ususally give solids first then my DS nurses, but he empties both breasts.
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  • As the PP mentioned, I would nurse/give bottle before doing solids to make sure  they are getting enough milk.
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  • I agree about giving milk first but wanted to add that I consider 8-10 oz. in an 8 hour period to be a good amount.  The average milk consumption is 1 to 1.5 oz. per hour.  You obviously know LO's behavior best, but I can say that DD has also reduced her milk intake over time (pretty common in the second 6 months) and I never pitch a fit about it to DC since she is still getting enough ounces to equal 1oz per hour we are separated.  If it dropped below this amount, I would be concerned.
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