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Anyone on their second IUGR baby?

My first baby was born due to pPROM at 36w0d. He was 5lbs7oz, 18 inches. With my second I had PTL at 30 weeks, bed rest/meds for 6 weeks and also while I was on bed rest, she developed IUGR. I was induced at 37w1d because she stopped growing. She was 5lbs8oz, 18.5 inches. Very, very similar in size to my DS. With him, I was already seeing a MFM for a different issue (which turned out to be nothing) so they did keep an eye out on his size, but he was never labeled IUGR. 

My question is, does anyone know what the chances are that you'd have another IUGR baby after having it happen once? My kids are both still small, but my daughter especially. She's been at <1 percentile for months (but still on the chart) so she's a peanut, but developmentally she's doing great. My husband and I are both pretty small people so part of me just thinks we make small babies because of that, but I am worried about this baby possibly having IUGR as well. I go to see my OB in a few weeks and I'll talk to her about all this then, but I wanted to see if anyone here had any insight about this. Thanks.


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Re: Anyone on their second IUGR baby?

  • With my 2nd pregnancy my son was born at 37 wks and weighed 4 lbs 15oz. He measured in the 5th percentile for the gestational time. I was not diagnosed with IUGR but i am currently 14 wks and my Dr. Has referred me to a maternal fetal specialist in a few weeks.
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