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Disappearing summer weekends...

DH and I have a slew of family obligations, childbirth classes, etc. for most of the upcoming weekends between now and the end of August. I REALLY want to go spend one of the weekend with my parents (they are a 3-4 hour drive away), and now there are other possible events that have cropped up. Arg.

I might just go visit my folks during the week for a couple days (by myself), although my husband acted all sad when I suggested this. Where did all the summer weekends go? It's hard to believe that September (and the baby) will be here so soon.


Re: Disappearing summer weekends...

  • i feel you. time is shrinking. this weekend we're going to the beach (33 wks). then we're spending next weekend making tomato sauce. it's a weekend long project for make it and can it (34 wks). the next weekend we have a bridal shower satruday and baby shower sunday (35 weeks). the next weekend my sister moves out, my dad will be moving into her room and we get to finish LO's room (36 weeks). The next weekend we're going to relax (if baby doens't come) and celebrate our 3 yr anniversary ('s actually august 16th) (37 weeks). The next weekend we'll be having the memorial service for DD (38 weeks). Then is labor day weekend. baby could be here by plans thank goodness, unless LO arrives before this and times it just right so we need to postpone the memorial service (39 weeks). Due date is the next Friday (sept 9) so basically i'm booked.  it's terrifying that this past weekend could very well have been my last weekend of nothingness.


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  • oh I hear you! I had something to do every weekend in June and July. And it looks like I will not have a free weekend until the 2 last weekends in Aug. I hope the baby doesnt come early. I could really use some relaxing time. Maybe actually spend it in my house!
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  • I can relate.  I think we have one weekend between now and Labor Day that we don't bave something going on.  At this rate the babe is going to be here in no time!
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  • I love summer and I am said to see it slip away so quickly. We only have three weekends before football starts for my husband. We both work in school so this year is always kind of bittersweet for us, but this year I'm pretty excited to go back because it means we are super close to baby being here! 

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  • I completely agree. DH and I were trying to find some weekends to do stuff we need to do.  And right now the only weekend we have available before im 37 weeks is the first weekend of Aug. My birthday is the end of Aug and then my c-section is around 38 weeks so I think we will be trying to get everything done that one weekend and I will be setting up the nursery with my mom and sister during the week while DH is working. I also wanted to deep clean the whole house so I think that's another thing I will be doing with out DH. His mom will probably end up coming over to help me since I was told again today by my doctor that I really need to be taking it easy. Where did all the time go?!
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  • I go through summer bummer EVERY YEAR it's awful! halfway through you realize that commitments have swallowed all your weekends and you didn't get to do what you really wanted to.  DH and I have been planning a final boating trip with our friends but it's starting to look like everybody's weekends are full so we are taking some time off of work to get out during the week.
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