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Diaper Pail 2nd time moms?

So- the only thing we still *need* for the nursery is the diaper pail.  I'm really torn between buying one and buying a larger stainless high quality trash barrel to keep in our laundry room.  I was originally looking at the Diaper Champ because it uses regular bags, but the reviews are really not great.  Is a diaper pail a waste of $$$ and do you have one that you recommend??  Thank you in advance!
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Re: Diaper Pail 2nd time moms?

  • We registered for the Diaper Genie and ended up taking it back....I tried just a regular pail but it was stinky....I loved the Diaper Champ! No smell at all!

    I would recommend that or just a pail if you take your trash out every day!

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  • I have the diaper genie upstairs in the nursery and I still use it on a dailiy basis for my 2 year old daughter.  I just throw the diapers in the kitchen garbage downstairs bc that garbage goes out everyday.
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    I'm a FTM, but I am also a nanny. For my nanny kids, we used a small trash can with 4 gallon bags. We emptied the trash can once a day, usually on our way downstairs in the morning. Poopy diapers always got bagged separately and put in the trash outside immediately. Overnight blow-outs would get bagged separately and taken care of the next morning if we didn't feel like taking them downstairs overnight. I plan on doing the same with my LO at home. Smell was rarely an issue, and the 4 gallon bags are pretty easy to find on sale.
  • I used the Diaper Champ with DS and loved it...UNTIL DH said that even though it was full the bag was only half full and that's wasting no matter what he'd stuff it until you couldn't open it anymore...well thanks to him it constantly stinks when you open it.

    I was given the Diaper Genie II by a neighbor who didn't need it anymore...I love it!!!!!  So we're throwing away the smelly diaper champ and just using the Diaper Genie II.  Well I'm not going to be able to lug that one out of DS's room every night for middle of the night diaper changes with LO, so we bought a second one for our room and living room.  I highly recommend it, but I live in a complex and can't take the trash out multiple times a day.  I will have 2 children in diapers and don't have the time or money to be wasted on trash bags and constantly going to the dumpster.

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  • We just use a small pail for wet diapers and dispose of dirty ones outside immediately. With #2 we are going to use a small kitchen type can with a lid and most likely empty it daily or close to that - still taking the dirty ones out immediately.
  • I have the diaper champ... LOVE IT! Also, at one point we had an issue with smell (mostly because we left diapers in there too long) and I bleached it outside, used a little lysol and we were back to a stinkfree diaper champ! I also have started using the fabreeze garbage bags... :-)
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  • We are still using the Diaper Genie II Elite and have been using it since DD was born 2 years ago. I don't have a complaint about it and plan to continue using it with DS.

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  • To be honest I say don't even worry about it. We got a diaper genie and used it like maybe 5 times. We changed DD wherever we were in the house and just through them in the kitchen trash which goes out everyday. Once we switched to cloth I just threw them in a bucket and I wash almost every night so there's no smell. 
  • I LOVE the Diaper Genie II Elite. I'm still using it to this day and DS was born 3 years ago. It's fabulous and I have never had any smell issues. I'll definitely use it for DD. 
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  • i don't think they're a waste of money. we have the diaper dekkor plus and i really like it. we take the really stinky diapers out and toss them in the garage garbage. otherwise, don't have an issue with any smell. it's pretty well contained i think.
  • I don't use anything special - they just get tossed in the trash, and if it's really bad, it goes outside.
  • Ds is 2.5 and we still use our Diaper champ, but it lives in the garage now.

    If you have sh!t sitting around in your house, it's going to stink. There's no avoiding it. lol.  However, the Diaper champ worked pretty well until Ds started solid foods.  I still like it as we use it.  It keeps the smell to a minimum in the garage and bags up his dirty diapers for me so I can just toss them in the outdoor garbage on garbage day. Wet diapers we just toss in the regular indoor garbage can.

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