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How to get her to sleep in the crib

My fiance and I mistakenly let my daughter sleep in the glider for the past couple of weeks because she cried when she was in her at 3 weeks old I can not get her to sleep longer than 15 minutes in her crib.

What I have been doing so far is having her fall asleep (either in my hands or glider) and than putting her in the crib. Once she is in her crib she wakes up within 15 minutes screaming. I have been trying to let her cry for a bit also so that she can self soothe but after 10 minutes of crying i feel so bad and get her.

Any ideas of what I can do?

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Re: How to get her to sleep in the crib

  • I'm no expert but from what I have heard and read, 3 weeks is really too early to expect her to want to be anywhere but with you.  My LO has been very much the same and now that he is 8 weeks he is starting to do longer stretches in his crib. I think it isn't until they are about 4 months old that they are able to soothe themselves so until then just do whatever you need to to help her get to sleep and don't worry about 'spoiling' her. 

    Good Luck! 

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  • Good baby is almost three months and still has a hard time going down in her crib!  I would just keep trying things like swaddling, paci, rocking, etc. and when you are at your wits end with those, then let her sleep in the glider.  Hopefully eventually she'll get it, but three weeks is still young, she probably just needs help to sleep.
  • OK so i am just a FTM but i did some research on situations like this bc i was curious as well.  This is what i learned and have done and found success..

     Put LO in crib after night time routine (i personally never rocked my LO completely to sleep bc i wanted her to learn to self soothe) When she starts fussing i go back in after 5 min of her fussing (or less depending on how bad she is whining IMO she is too young to CIO)  i NEVER took her out of her crib.  i would stroke her head give her nuk back to her or etc but NEVER PICKED HER UP.  Its hard for a few nights but she eventually learns that when she is in her crib is bed time and she needs to sleep. If she keeps getting picked up she will learn that if she cries, someone will come get her. 

    This worked for me and now at 9 weeks my LO sleeps awesome and and 8 hr stretch before waking.  However, every LO is different and you gotta do what works for you guys.  you are her parent and your judgement is best!! Hope this helps!!


    ETA: obviously i would pick her up to feed her when it was time to do so... and some nights that is more than others. 

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  • M's pediatrician asked us to really start using the crib for sleep instead of anything else starting at one week. At two and a half weeks we started letting M nap in her crib. I nurse her and rock her to sleep and put her down in the crib. Sometimes she wakes up and I will rock her for a bit more and put her back down. I almost always offer her my breast and let her have a few sucks if she wants it.That is it.

    She sleeps really well though.. maybe too well. We are supposed to wake her up to feed her which is pretty rare. But, maybe the pedi was on to something about getting her used to the crib ASAP instead of other places. At night she still sleeps in a bassinet next to my bed, but other then that she is in the crib.
    We only use the bouncer or swing if we need to put her somewhere for a few minutes while I pump or we are doing dishes.

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  • I am just starting to get her routine down and what she likes and doesn't like....I would love to learn how to put her in her bassinet!!! Iguess we try that as next weeks lesson!! lol
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    First start with having her nap in the crib. You'll be less tired and it will be easier on everyone. Once she starts napping in the crib after a week, then try the nights.

    Make her bed really comfy. I know they all say no blankets, etc. but when they're swaddled and that little they aren't going to move. I put a couple of really plush blankets in the crib with the two blankets rolled. I swaddle DS2 and then lay him between the rolled blankets. I then take another blanket (if it is cool enough) and tuck it in around him giving him the sense of it being really comfy.

    Also, sleep one night on one of the blankets and then put it in the crib where she lays her head the night night. She'll smell you and that will help transition her. Also, you can put one of the blankets in the dryer for a minute and get it warm and then transition her from you to the crib.

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