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People have been side-eying me for not having given DD any table food yet.  I even got chastised by MIL's best friend for not giving her ice cream.  MIL's best friend is obese.  ANYWAY.  I"m wondering how in the minority I am.. [Poll]

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Re: Table Food Clickypoll

  • I've read a number of places that it is good to wait until 6 mos to introduce solids (cereal, purees, etc), however, if you don't expose your child to a variety of flavors and textures (meaning things other than purees) before they are 1 year they are far more likely to be a picky eater. HTH
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  • He's had purees since 4 months. But I have given him tastes of stuff since around 5 or 6 months. 

    Now most of the meals at home are what we eat. At daycare, we still give purees, because he's in a temporary daycare for a few weeks and it's easier than trying to send meals along every day.

  • I might side eye you too, sorry! DS started BLW at 6 months and is a happy adventurous eater. I can't imagine still being chained to the spoon!

  • We are SS. It wasn't until he was about 11 months but he was almost 8 months adjusted.

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  • Mine started refusing to be spoon-fed around 7 months so we had no choice but to make the switch to finger/table food.
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  • I started giving finger foods at around 6 months, but she still doesn't take a lot of table food yet and we are still on a lot of stage 3's but we are trying to phase them out and introducing stuff to her at meals but have some stage 3's around for backup.  It takes time and they will get there.  My husband's Aunt was at his parents a few weekends ago and we were feeding DD some food, but we were also giving her some of what we were having too.  She looked at my husband and said "she is still eating that icky baby food" then went into some speal about how here DIL made all her own baby food blah blah blah.  I replied right back and said "that's a luxury you have when you don't work".  Now don't flame me because I know plenty of WM probably make there own baby food and SAHM's do to.  I just don't have the means/time to do it so I choose not to.  I know that she is getting what she needs either way.  Just do what's best for you child and try to introduce what you can and in time it will all seem natural.
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    Mine started refusing to be spoon-fed around 7 months so we had no choice but to make the switch to finger/table food.

    This, but B was 8 months to the day.  She really gave us no choice (not that I was complaining--table foods are much easier).  But I wouldn't side-eye you at all.

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    Mine started refusing to be spoon-fed around 7 months so we had no choice but to make the switch to finger/table food.


    Us exactly. Except she started to refuse purees around 8 months. 

  • Well I really haven't had a whole lot of luck with table foods.  So if I were you I would go ahead and try it cause it may take a while. 
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  • Any reason you havent started? If not, go for it...and dont worry so much about what people think. Your little girl will be just fine!
  • I understand not wanting to feed icecream but LO should have at least had the opportunity to try table food. Its not like a baby learns automatically how to eat them at 1 year 1 day old. It takes practice, so you may want to get started.

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  • We give her table foods at least once or twice a week but it takes forEVER for her to eat them and sometimes she'll forget how to move the food to the back of her mouth to swallow.  If we're in a hurry, we just go ahead and give her purees because it's so much easier and quicker. 

    You might want to go ahead and get started trying out the table foods.  Sometimes it takes a while for them to figure out the new textures. 

  • We started right around 8 months. I had only been doing baby food and during a trip to see some relatives, everyone acted like I was ridiculous for not having started table food.  It wasn't like I had been against it, I honestly just thought I was supposed to be doing baby food.  We just started the baby food at 6 months, after all.  

    Anyway, now she is an excellent table food eater.  She tries and loves pretty much everything and I have fun making little healthy meals for her (while I myself eat like crap haha).   

  • We started with finger foods at 6 months when we started purees.  It takes them a while to get the hang of picking up food and getting it to their mouth and actually EATING it.  They won't figure it out if they arent offered food on a regular basis.  Just remember it's OK if they dont get much down their throat, BM/formula should still be their main source of nutrition, so food right now is just for play and learning.
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