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Nosy $ Question

How much have you and DH/SO spent in preparation for your LO? How much do you still have left to buy? I'm not interested in medical expenses or in things you received as gifts. Jut curious how much you and DH have spent on things for the newest arrival in your family. Have you spent more or less than you anticipated before getting pregnant? 
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Re: Nosy $ Question

  • Curtains          $125

    Glider/rocker    $65

    Clothes           $40

    Diapers           $50

    Exersaucer     $30

    Jumperoo        $30

    Misc               $60

    Diaper Bag      $60

    Total =           $460

    We are waiting to purchase anything else  until after our last shower (which is 1 month after LO is born - we are team green).   We still have about $140 in BRU gift cards/store credit, $60 in Kohl's gift cards and misc store credits from other places we have returned things...

    We have probably spent about what I had anticipated. 

  • Not a clue, but not as much as we expected to spend. That being said, we do have a lot more to buy.  Waiting for the completion coupons and hoping baby doesn't come too early.
  • This LO? Uh $15 for boppy.. $370 for pump.. I need to get a glider thats $100 (from target with no ottoman).. uuuh.. aside from diapers and a few bottles thats all were going to get. :) lots of left overs from DD and really I didnt have to spend much on her.. all big items were gifted. Also $25 on 28 outfits.. had a ton of neutral newborn outfits from dd.. so we didnt have to spend much at all
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    We've probably spent around $1500 including furniture, clothes, gear, and decorating the nursery.  I'd estimate another $800 to $1000 before he gets here since we still need a few bigger items- PnP, glider, swing... plus all the little miscellaneous stuff.  This doesn't count the $2700 we spent on new living room furniture, or all of the other stuff we have done to our house as an INDIRECT result of having the LO join us.

    It's probably right on target with what I thought we would spend... maybe slightly less.

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  • I've spent much less than expected.... we were given a lot of hand-me downs and also used AMEX points to pickup some big ticket items from We've probably spent about $400 on clothing/stuff so far. I had planned to spend about 3k by this point (I am an over-shopper).

    We've been able to avoid a lot of expense by not doing a formal nursery. My mom will be staying in our guest room for 2 months, so baby is bunking with us for a while in a bassinet.

    On the flip side, I dont think we're having a shower, so I will be doing some major last-minute BRU shopping next month to pickup the remaining items!

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  • By the time everything is said and done, we will spend around $5k. Our biggest expenditure has been the baby furniture. We went with relaly nice furniture that LO will have for years to come.
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  • We've probably spent about $700 on everything so far. About $450 of that was nursery furniture and the rest has been other nursery projects, garage sale finds, a few outfits, and random diaper/wipes sales. I had a lot of stuff gifted to me from my sister, and any other baby stuff was from my first 2 showers.

    That's probably more than I thought we'd spend honestly, because we actually bought mostly all new furniture and I'm typically finding great used stuff to refinish, but impatience got the best of me and our wallets! Smile We really don't have much left to buy at all. I still have 2 showers coming up, and I'm going to have to add extra stuff to my registries for those.

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    We have been waiting very last minute to buy stuff since we are moving in August, so as of right now:

    Stroller- 700$

    Misc decor for the room: 500$

    But, I am guessing we will blow thousands when all is said and done- because the furniture we are looking at is at least 1300$. 


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  • Around 350 for a crib, mattress, and matching changing table. Would have been cheaper but Target did not have our crib in stock at the stores and it wasn't on sale online. Probably spent at least 50 on clothes, but everything I've bought has been on clearance/sale. We are considering buying our car seat and stroller, just so we can make sure it fits in the car and return it if we don't like it. Glider and bassinet are hand me downs, and the dresser we already had. I think we expected to spend this much or more, but we don't feel guilty at bit. We took three vacations last summer because we knew we wanted a baby so this is a lot cheaper than that! 

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  • So far we've spent about $1500 on the crib, converter rails, changing table, and dresser.  My shower is this weekend so we're waiting until after that to see what we still need.  From looking at my registry, I think we're still going to need alot of the unsexy items (sheets, mattress pads, etc).  Even with that stuff, I don't feel like we've spent or are going to spend more than what we've anticipated. 

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  • OMG, so much more than we expected.  I haven't tallied it up, but I'll try to do it here and I'll probably be running to the bathroom to throw up after I'm done:

    - $2,000 for crib, 2 dressers

    - $600 for glider

    - $700 for new carpeting

    - $700 for wainscoting & crown moulding, paint, decor in his nursery

    - $500 for stroller & car seat

    - $150 for our Ergo and infant insert

    I think that's most of the big stuff.  Plus I'm sure that our families won't shop off of our registry, so we'll probably end up buying most of what is on there.  Okay, yes, I'm definitely nauseous now.



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  • Carseat - $220

    Changing table - $25

    Ergo - $90

    Diapers - @ $100

    Replaced bottle parts - $30

    Bedding - $80

    Misc clothes - $20

    Room decor and storage - @ $100

    Still need to make some curtains, but I don't think that will be much. And we don't need anything else at this point.  Shopping is DONE.

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  • I'm gonna say less than $500 so far. We are extremely fortunate that my mom paid for our furniture and MIL is buying the glider. This is the first grandchild on both sides, so a lot of people have been going overboard. We are being given clothes from DH's cousin's son who was also born in Sept. 2 years ago, plus I know my aunt and his aunts have been buying clothes since we announced we were pregnant back in January!

    We are holding off until after our shower on July 31 to see what else we need, but I know that about 1/2 of the big ticket items have already been purchased.

    This baby is spoiled already!


  • Glider/ottoman- $200


    Cubbyhole bookshelf- $80

    Diapers- $50

    Wall art-$180

    Carseat- $135


    breast pump-$100


    Colgate Classica 1 mattress- $10


    Full Closet of Clothes, swing, bouncer, playyard- Purchased by my mom 

    Only thing we have left to buy is the ergo baby carrier. We are getting curtains and her crib set for my shower.

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  • So far about $15.  I bought a couple outfits and that's it.  We are waiting until after the shower next month to see what we will need to buy.

    My parents bought the crib and mattress, my aunt and cousins bought the pack-and-play, and FIL made a cradle.  I think MIL is buying the carseat and stroller as a shower gift.

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  • This one?  Umm....$12.  Plan to buy a new diaper bag and a coming home outfit...dont need anything else.
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  • So far I have only stocked up on diapers-I have spent about $190 on that. I have bought a couple little outfits..not much else yet. This is our 3rd and we still have everything from my first-like the bouncey seat, exersaucer, high chair etc..I know we will get a few gifts from family soon so I am waiting to see what else we will need to buy. My parents bought us all new bottles(the old ones had BPA), we would like a new infant car seat, new miracle blanket, I want one of those rock and play sleepers, we need some new bath towels, baby shampoo and things like that.. we did buy all new furniture for my dd's room which she will be sharing with the baby...
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  • We were gifted a lot of major items (stroller/car seat/rocking chair/bassinet) and received a crib from family.  All we have purchased is crib bedding - since we weren't spending much elsewhere, I got slightly more expensive pottery barn baby bedding.  Otherwise all I've purchased are a few clothing items I've found on sale (Ralph Lauren's fall baby stuff was on major discount this spring and I shop a lot on Zulily and Gilt), and miscellaneous things like a sling, nursing cover, silk blanket, etc.  Overall I'd venture to say I've spent less than $1K.
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  • crib+mattress = $160

    changing table = $80

    cloth diapers = $120

    Ergo - $60

    Random stuff = $50?

    So maybe $500?

    I have another shower this weekend so I'm not sure what we'll still need to buy.  I want to buy a bookshelf and baskets for the nursery and we're lacking in the sheets, blankets, clothing department.  I'm guessing another $500 will be spent in preparation.

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  • We have spent much less than expected.

    bouncer and swing- $60

    cloth diapers- $50

    Clothes- $50

    Crib- $140

    Fabric for crib bedding- $30

    Stroller- $4 (I sold a bunch of books from my masters program to Amazon and got store credit)

    Lamp, curtain, room decor, etc- $50

    Total- $384

    We don't plan on buying anything else until after the LO is born since we have pretty much everything we need. I am also having a shower but since we have all the big stuff I will probably end up with mostly clothes. 

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  • I would have to guess at least $ least. We have purchased most of the big stuff - all the furniture (glider was a gift, though), all of his cloth diapers, car seat, extra base, swing, bouncer, tons of clothes, breast pump, high chair, bassinet, bedding...the list goes on and on. Heck, add the cord blood collection and storange fees and the $$ we've spent goes up tons.



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  • We've really only spent $$ on CD's and paint so far.  So maybe $350?  We've been gifted a lot of big stuff--all our furniture, swing, bouncy seat, exersaucer, car seat, etc., so we need to buy our BOB and any little clothes/toiletries we still need once baby arrives.  We also need to buy our breast pump, but our birth center is having a sale next month--so we'll get that in two weeks for about $280.  We're hoping gift cards and cash will cover the BOB and other little things.  

    This is all about in line with what we were expecting--we have cash in the bank in case we need to cover much more than this, but have been very fortunate to have VERY generous friends and family. 

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  • Minus medical expenses, which are costing us out the butt, we have probably spent about $700 on nursery furniture and a few odds and ends that I picked up second hand. 

     We are fortunate that we have a 2 year old niece so we were given about 6 huges bags of clothes and a lot of nursery staples (bouncer, toys, tub, etc) from my BIL.  We were gifted a few of our big items (crib, stroller, car seat, diaper bag).  After my shower this weekend we will see what we have left to get.

    I anticipate with breast pump and essentials remaining we will probably spend another $1000 or so.  

    This is probably right around what we expected to spend, maybe a little less because we ended up with a few more big gifts then I thought we would.

  • We've kept it pretty low. We've probably spent aobut $500 and have about 200 to go.

    We went for pretty low cost items, like a $100 crib from ikea. And picked up quite a few items from craigslist (a glider, jumperoo, and a free dresser).  We also did pretty well at our showers plus have used our birthdays to get baby stuff.

    All in total, I think we have about $2000 worth of baby stuff. So our number would be greater if it wasn't for gifts, but still low compared to what we could spend.

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  • craigslist has been my best friend

     crib, PnP, exersaucer, - $100

    car seat, 2 bases, stroller - $150

    bedding/nursery decor from Amazon - $100

    The most we really spent was on some home improvement projects that weren't necessarily for LO but things that needed to be done.

    New paint/window treatments/floors for our bedroom and nursery - $1000

    we have our shower in a few weeks and I'm sure we'll get most of the rest of what we need.  My guess is I'll still have to buy:

    breast pump - $275

    Jogging stroller - $250


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  • image amandabt:
    By the time everything is said and done, we will spend around $5k. Our biggest expenditure has been the baby furniture. We went with relaly nice furniture that LO will have for years to come.

    This is us too! Having said that - we have bought almost everything ourselves. I'm only having a very small shower, and have not depended on receiving any gifts at all. The one thing someone else did buy for us was a playpen - bought by my parents - with the anticipated use of our house and theirs. 

    We have purchased a few things second hand, but furniture, etc was all new.  I think we spent approx what we expected to pay. We have no medical expenses.

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  • You ladies will probably want to punch me in the face, but all we have had to buy was the stroller/car seat combo. I got it from a friend for 150 dollars and she never even used the stroller. Our parents & grandparents have bought everything else. First baby on both sides, they are ridiculously excited. The only big item left is the glider. I will probably be able to buy it with gift cards or returning double items from my shower. We are VERY blessed!
  • Its hard to say for us. We do not use my paycheck for bills, it is just my spending money and because of that, I have been using it for all of the baby stuff. We had to rip up the flooring and buy hard wood for the nursery. It still needs to be installed. The crib was $600, stroller $260, carseat $230 and about $300 on clothes and decor. the rest of the furniture and decor will be a few thousand. I have been stocking up on diapers, wipes and detergent. The labor for the flooring and other work that was needed for the nursery will def be the most expensive part. I would guess that with the labor, $10,000 when it is all done, without $5000. We will see what happens after my showers.
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  • The in-laws have bought a ton of stuff inc the crib and mattress and my dad bought the BOB (plus husband's REI credit) so that saved a ton of money. We're using my dresser in his room (good thing I didn't get rid of it when I moved in), friends sent us a pack n play, and SIL gave me her Moby.


    Carseat plus extra base $200

    Manual pump $50

    Cloth diapers and everything to go with them $350ish

    Clothes (thanks, Zulily for making husband so annoyed) $350ish

    Other odds and ends (stuffed alligator, mobile, etc) $100ish 

    Paint plus supplies $100ish

    Bouncy chair $5 (friend's yard sale) 

    Wall decor craft supplies $40ish  


     I've decided I don't want a baby shower so we'll be doing the big Target and BRU and Amazon orders at the end of July/beginning of August (blankets, bottles, etc.).

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  • Crib                                                    $150

    Bedding/Curtains/Decorations           $310

    Clothes                                               $40

    Cloth Diapers                                     $454

    Bouncing/vibrating chair                    $40

    Floor play yard                                  $30

    Breast Pump                                     $379

    Breastfeeding pillow                          $15

    Diaper Bag                                        $37

    Total =                                               $1455

    Still need to buy: Nursing bra(s), Nursing pads, milk storage bags, and maybe some other miscellaneous items.


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