3rd Trimester

What kind of stroller/car seat do you have?

Just wondering - we are on the search.


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Re: What kind of stroller/car seat do you have?

  • We had the Graco Snugride 35 and the Bugaboo Bee.  We then moved to the Alpha Omega Elite convertible seat.  Now that we're expecting #2 we sold our Bee and got the Britax B-Ready with the 2nd seat and will use the Snugride again.
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  • atackatack
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    Graco Snugride 35 & we just got the UppaBaby Vista


    No baby yet, but I loveeee the stroller :o)

  • Snap and go for the stroller and the Chicco Key Fit as the car seat.  Would highly recommend both. 
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  • We got the Chicco Key Fit for the car seat and a Kolcraft Contours stroller. The car seat has high ratings for safety and I like how we can flip the seat forward or backward on the stroller or even use it with our car seat.
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  • Car seat is a Graco Snugride 32 (may have been discontinued since there is now a 30 and 35). Stroller is a Graco Mosaic. It's lightweight but still accepts the car seat so it can work as a travel system.
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  • we had the quinny buzz with ds#1 and the maxi cosi car seat. loved both. still have the maxi cosi infant seat (and the toddler seat), but got the baby jogger city select to use as a double. we really like it as well. we have the uppababy gluxe for an umbrella stroller which is great. if you're thinking about having another, i'd recommend looking in to getting one of the strollers that converts to a double when the time comes - like the city select or uppababy vista
  • We have the Snugride 30 and the Metrolite stroller (I think, something with "lite" in the name)
  • We got the Orbit stroller with the infant carrier seat.
  • Graco Snugride 32 travel system - wanted the Chicco Keyfit - but the Graco was on clearance at BRU for $95 for the entire system ($240 reg price).  Purchased a Graco Snugrider (snap and go frame) that I plan on using most of the time instead of the stroller when the baby is little.
  • We went the travel system route - S1 by Safety 1st AeroLite Premier Travel System.
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  • we got the Chico Keyfit 30 to use with a snap n go. later we will switch to the city mini.  I'm a FTM so I'm not speaking from experience just a whole lot of research =)
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  • Haven't gotten it yet, but we're getting a graco snugride 35. And a graco metrolite stroller.
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  • We have the Baby Jogger City Mini and the Britax Roundabout 55 convertible.
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  • Chicco Keyfit 30 seat - and then we have a few different strollers (I'm sorta a stroller sl*t) Snap & Go, City Mini (with adapter for infant seat), and a BOB Revolution. I love them all for different reasons.
  • We use the Graco infant carrier with bases and the snap n go until about 5-6 months old. Basically, we use it until it is too heavy to carry. We still have the same one from DS1 so we definitely got our money's worth :)

    After that, we use the Britax Marathon car seat and a medium sized umbrella stroller. Nothing to heavy or bulky but not the cheap $10 umbrella stroller either. We need to buy a new one because we only have a double stroller right now. (Don't need that anymore!)

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  • Chicco Key Fit and Uppa Baby Vista 
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  • Maxi Cosi foray stroller, and maxi cosi mico car seat


  • I wanted the City Select though.  
  • We have two strollers. One big one, Bertini Shuttle TS Sport Baby Stroller, was given to us by a friend and is like the range rover of strollers. We live in the city so we also needed a really light weight stroller. Our second is the Aprica presto. It is 11 lbs and I love it.

    With DD we had a Maclaren. It was a really great light weight, multipurpose stroller. I thought we were done and gave it to a friend right before our surprise BFP or we would still be using it instead of the Aprica.

  • Graco Snugride 30 with the Snap n Go stroller then we will switch to the First Years True Fit convertable car seat and Chicco C6 Capri lightweight stroller.

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  • Graco Snugride (just the 22 lb one, don't see my DH and I as having a large baby so this should work until it's time to switch to convertible) and a city mini with the car seat adapter.
  • We got the baby trend expedition ELX travel system. It has the infant seat that snaps into the jogging stroller.

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  • We also got the Graco Snugride 35 from BRU. Got good reviews on the Baby Bargains book. It was a toss up between this and Chicco but after playing with both at the store, we felt more comfortable with this one. GL!



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  • We just got a Chicco Cortina Keyfit travel system. Heard great reviews about it.

    Also we bought a city mini baby jobber with a kit adapter to use the car seat we purchased the Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio with the stroller.

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  • Thanks for starting this post. DH and I are on the search for a new infant seat, as our old one that we used for DD#1 has become discontinued and we are skeptical on using it again because of this reason. Plus, we are having a hard time finding an extra base to go with it now that we have 2 cars that are family cars.

    We are torn right now between the Baby trend Flex Loc and the Graco Snugride. We already have the Baby Trend Expedition jogger, so it would make sense to get the Flex Loc and use it as a travel system (although our jogger is black and yellow and we are having a girl, I'm having a hard time thinking that it will be girly enough). It has great safety ratings, but gets poor reviews because of the way it releases from the base (it releases from the front of the seat, so put it rear-facing and I imagine it would be a pain to have to reach between the seat and base to get it out).

    In a perfect world, the Chicco Keyfit would be my ideal choice, but its already kinda pricey for us, especially since this is our 2nd child and we don't plan on having any more for at least 5 years, to which any car seat will be expired by then. We would have to buy the seat, an extra base, and then a snap-n-go type of stroller, dishing out more than $300 for all this. Saftey ratings are almost identical to the Flex Loc and the Snugride, and I guess that that is the most important thing, right? Safety before looks!

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  • We have the Baby Trend Flex Loc carseat/stroller in Gabriella. The carseat is a little heavy but I don't plan on carrying the carseat everywhere with us either. And it has been almost 7 years since I've had to carry a carseat so they all seem heavy to me! I wanted a Snugride combo but we couldn't find any patterns that we both liked. They all seemed too gender specific or had an ugly pattern so we went with the Baby Trend. It had good safety reviews as well.
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  • We ordered the Orbit G2 stroller and car seat and the bassinet attachment.
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  • We have a Snugride infant seat (the regular 22 lb. weight limit one) and a Snugrider stroller frame.

    We also have a Chicco Capri umbrella stroller that we keep in the car and a Jeep jogger for walks/zoo/etc.

    We will probably get a double jogger style next spring.

  • image samelissa75:
    Chicco Key Fit and Uppa Baby Vista 

    Same here!


  • We have a Graco Snugride and LiteRider stroller. Both have held up really well w/DS #1 and we'll be reusing w/#2. DS is really tall, so he outgrew his infant seat by height at 4 mos (you have to move them out when they are within an inch of the top of the seat). For convertible seats, we have an Evenflo Momentum for my car and a Saftey 1st Complete Air 65 for DH's car, we like both of them.

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