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Petunia Pickle Bottom- Worth it?

I found one on Craigslist for 50 bucks in  great condition, is it really better than any other bag? Is 50 bucks a good buy?
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Re: Petunia Pickle Bottom- Worth it?

  • IMO I just used a smaller bag that I picked up for like 15 dollars at Target.  I would also just throw my wallet in it and used it as my purse for a while too.  I hated carrying anything big.  I am not sure how big the one you are looking at is, but when it comes to my bad, I am a total minimalist...
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  • I paid full price for my PPB bag and it is nearly 2 years old.  It is starting to fray a little bit now but it has served me very well.  Before this LO gets here, I'll be getting another one.  $50 is a steal for PPB.  I paid $180.
  • Never had a PPB, but they're really cute and $50 is about the price you'd pay for most diaper bags (think SkipHop).  It totally depends on what kind of bag you want and if you're comfortable choosing a bag you haven't gotten to see or try out or check out all the pockets on.  I'd see if I could find one at a store (Try Pea in a Pod or Destination Motherhood) to see if you even like the bag.  Then if you do, $50 is certainly a good price.
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  • They are on sale at nordstroms right now for $98 I think if you want to get a new one. I got one. According to several friends they are the best diaper bags.
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  • I have 2 Storksacs, a Coach and PB bag - and used the free hospital Similac bag the most, second to a normal purse crammed with stuff. 




  • I'm cheap so I spent less than $20 on a cute diaper bag at Wal-mart and it's lasted me 3 years already.    I wouldn't spend $50 on a used diaper bag nor the $100+ or more on a new one, but that's me.  Big Smile
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  • QmommyQmommy
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    That is a great deal!  Go for it!
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  • $50 is a steal for a PPB diaper bag! I think they are great bags to have. I just bought mine from Nordstrom; it's on their Anniversary Sale for $99.90, regular price is $169. If you found one for $50, I would grab it!

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  • So I ended up talking her down to 40$ and I love it!
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  • It depends.  I really liked mine and it could hold pretty much everything you could possibly need and then some.  But it has issues.  The zipper on the diaper compartment stuck on mine.  They would have fixed it for me if I mailed it back, but I ended up just dealing with it.  Also, the velcro closure has the rough part on the outside instead of on the flap, so if the flap isn't closed all the way, it catches on your clothes.  The interior pockets are adequate, but I've seen other brands  with better.  They have one of the best selections of fabric I've seen, but most of them are dry clean only- a big pain when the inevitable mess occurs.  And the pretty silk brocades do start to fray after 6 months to a year of constant use and abuse.  For $50, I would definitely buy it if you like the fabric.  I paid $79 for mine and thought it was a good deal.  I really liked the backpack option for travel.
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  • I say go for it!  I just discovered PPB yesterday at a wedding, and MH's cousin has me sold.  She's had hers for 2 years (on baby #2 with it) and it still looks brand new.  She said she got hers from Nordstrom Rack for less than $100, but you can also get them on sale for less than $100 if you know where to look.  
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  • Sounds like a good deal to me!  I love the backpack diaperbags... I've tried messenger bags and totes.  Nothing has beat being able to have my diaperbag on my back & out of my way with DS #1. 

    I don't have a PPB, but mine was made by a WAHM and is a similar concept and I paid $70 + S&H for a custom bag.

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  • image Niki1665:
    So I ended up talking her down to 40$ and I love it!

    Awesome! :)

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