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Hi everyone, we lost our first in January at 6.5 weeks and I am just starting to feel like myself again.  The only things is now, every month that AF comes, I feel like the bloating and swollen and painful breasts are pregnancy symptoms. has anyone else had this hapen? I swear every month I grow a whole cup size the week before my period and that never happened before the pregnancy and loss.  I can tell that it doesn't help my grieving process to get hopeful and then letdown again every month!

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  • I am sorry for your loss, but I don't know if anyone on this board would be able to help unless they've had multiple losses.  Most of us have just recently joined this board due to a recent loss.  

    I would suggest going to the TTCAL or PgAL board --they might be able to answer your question better.


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  • I have had only one full cycle since my m/c, but AF and PMS were doozies. I think it just takes some time to get our hormone levels back in check. My first AF was extremely heavy and crampy, and the PMS was just horrendous, complete with depression and exhaustion.

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