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Postpartum Edema?

Hi, I'm new to this board.  I just had my twins by c-section last Monday at 28 weeks after 4 weeks of hospital bed rest.  They are both doing great in the NICU now.

I'm just wondering how long it took for your swelling/edema to go down after delivery.  Before delivery, my feet and ankles looked great and nearly normal thanks to the bed rest.  Then a few days later they swelled up HUGE and have not gotten any better yet.  I was told it would take 1-2 weeks to go away.  I'm getting impatient because it's really uncomfortable especially in this summer heat!

Re: Postpartum Edema?

  • Let's see - I was in the hospital Tues-Thurs with my c section and I would say they were huge for at least an entire week+.  Like, Flintstone feet huge :)  Drink TONS of water and keep your feet up as much as you can.
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  • I had a c- sect as well and the swelling was out of hand and sooo painful. My ankles and feet hurt worse than my incision. My husband would just rub my legs and ice my feet and ankles while I sobbed.  It went away fully by 2 weeks.
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  • I had my baby a week ago saturday and I just got my feet, ankles, calves, and knees back this weekend.  so it took about a week or so to get back to normal.  My Dr. said it could take up to two weeks but to drink lots of water, keep the feet up as much as possible and to eat protein.  She said that with all the excess fluid in your body you're low on proteins and it would help the swelling go down.  Dunno if that helped me, I tend to eat lots of meat anyway, but it's a suggestion

    Good luck!!  it's no fun, and I understand completely wanting your legs back!!! 

  • My docs told me it could last up to 6 weeks. My ankles were still enormous until PP day 8, then the swelling was suddenly gone on day 9.

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