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Gift for new mom - help me be clever!!

I wanted to bring my friend something in the hospital when she delivers.. but not the usual flowers/balloons/crap to lug home. I wanted more of a gift that would be practical things she would USE but have no forethought to get ahead of time .. you know?

One thing that popped in my head were those makeup-remover cloths, because TRULY sometimes you are too tired to wash your face at night. What else??? I'm a second-time mom maaaan, why can't I think????!

*and I am making her a meal, but her hubby (the cook) is taking 6 wks off.. so I am making/bringing it when he goes back to work, and the other donated meals are eaten.. and they REALLY need it! ;)

Re: Gift for new mom - help me be clever!!

  • If you know for certain that she will be BF and you are close, I'd bring some nursing pads, lanolin, and gel soothies!!

    If not or if you aren't sure about BF, then maybe some bath products, like bubble bath or shower gel, a new bath puff/sponge, body butter etc..

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  • Maybe gift certificates for take-out restaurants that deliver or movie subscriptions--like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
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  • I got the best gift at my shower- a "mommy basket" with comfy PJs, a nail salon giftcard, bath products, etc.  I used most of it before delivery, but still love the PJs.

    Maybe some yoga pants, or a cute n comfy sweatsuit or PJs? I lived in mine for 3 months!


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  • My mom came up with a great idea AFTER I had LO. Get a nice duffle bag and put some PJ's or night gowns in it, makeup remover, shower gel, slippers, robe, and other little things like that and give it to her to use as her hospital bag.?
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    What about the book, "What to expect, the first year" or a magazine subscription to a parenting magazine, cute picture frames, baking, gripe water, a baby food maker, a piggy bank for the baby, just a few ideas.
  • My SIL just had a baby, and I thought about putting together a survival kit for her with things that I've found helpful: ice packs, stool softener, good maxi pads, lanolin, nursing pads, ibuprofen, etc.  She'd already bought most of that stuff, though. 

    I do like the idea of gift cards to restaurants that deliver.  Even when her husband is home, they might both be so busy and worn-out that Chinese or pizza is appealing. You might also consider a gift card to a place that does newborn photography. 

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