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First pregnancy (big surprise!) in Sarasota

Hi! I live in SRQ and am expecting my 1st child in Jan 2012 (I'm 3 months today). I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. My boyfriend of 4 years and I recently found out that we are expecting...a big surprise (I missed my Depo shot by 2 weeks!) After calling into work twice in two weeks, I realized that the "flu" bug wasn't going away and ran into the doc concerned about why my immune system wasn't kicking in. :) When I found out I was pregnant - I was initially shocked, scared, and worried it would impact my career negatively. But - within no time, I felt a deep connection with the baby and fell in love with what is forming inside of me.

In any case, I am 27 years old and it has been very hard to find close friends in this area. I do have a few, but now that I'm pregnant, it really does put a whole new spin on things. I could really use a few good girlfriends and was wondering if any of you know of any good networking events where I might be able to meet other women going through similar circumstances? 

Thanks for your ideas and advice! 


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Re: First pregnancy (big surprise!) in Sarasota

  • I'm not familiar with the specifics in Sarasota but look for support groups through the hospital where you will be delivering.  If you already do some networking through your work then look for a young professionals group through the local chamber of commerce.  While they won't be there to solely share baby experiences, you may find more new parents/parents-to-be than a traditional networking group especially if you are looking to connect with other working parents.
  • Congrats! I'm also from the Sarasota area and am pregnant with my second baby. I'm 24 and definately understand what you're going through with friends. Now that you're pregnant and especially after you have the baby and your schedule isn't as flexible, it's hard for you and your friends to relate. Once my daughter was a few months old I joined PlayAway in Lakewood Ranch. They have mommy and me classes that are lots of fun and a great learining tool for the babies, as well as a great opportunity to meet and chat with other mommies. My daughter is now 20 months and we still go once a week....we both love it! I had an all natural birth at a local birthing home and attended childbirth ed. classes there which was also a great way to connect with expectant mothers, both first timers and some on their third babies. If you have any questions I'd love to help! It's nice to have another young mom to relate to!
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  • I live in Bradenton but delivered at SMH - they have a Mommy and baby group that meets on Wednesdays (there are two different age groups, 0-6 and 6-12 months, which is nice) and through my OBGYN at First Physicians Group I got info on a breastfeeding support group that meets in Sarasota on Friday mornings. It's awesome, too.
  • Hey ladies great to hear from you both! Thanks so much for the info and resources. I'd love to touch base with you sometime!  

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  • Hope that you are feeling well....just think you're almost halfway there.  I just found out I'm pregnant.  Who is your OB??  Have you found any groups because I will probably start looking for them soon? 
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