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My Ripped In 30 Week 3 Results!

I liked week 3 WAY better than week 2.  I think week 3 was muscle gaining week, because a few of my measurements actually went UP this week.  Here are my results:

Thighs - My measurements increased by about 1/2" in each thigh this week.  However, I think I lost fat from my inner thighs and gained muscle in my quads.  When I stand with my feet together, my legs don't touch as much as they used to.

Arms - I gained in both arms this week, but they're looking pretty ripped so I'm going to say that it was muscle gain.  My flags are a little less wavy.

Waist - I'm down another 1.5" in my waist this week!  That's 3" total since I started!

Hip - Down 1/2" this week.  Total of 3" since the beggining.

Week 3 Highs:

- I'm continuing to see results, and that's always a good thing!

- This week really targeted legs and triceps, which were 2 areas that I really wanted to work on.

- In comparison to week 2, there were a lot less exercises this week that I absolutely despised.

Week 3 Lows:

- All the jumping around aggravated an old ankle injury and I spent a good part of the week icing my ankle.

- Jillian accidently skips an exercise in the first circuit, although it took me until day 4 to realize this...

- Rock and Roll Squats.  These effing things kill my spine, which is abnormally boney.

- Those friggin' tricep exercises from the last circuit!  I can't do my left side to save my life, and I now have bruises on my hips, which are also abnormally boney.


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