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hypothyroid and pregnancy

Hi Ladies!

Any of you on medication for hypothyroid? I just found out I'm pregnant this week and am wondering when I should get tested next. My hashimotos started  in Oct after baby 1 and I finally got my dose right in January and was tested last in March. But I think I remember my dr. saying to get tested again if pg. And I read some things about difficulties with pregnancies, but not if controlled with meeds, right?

Any advice on this or being pg with hypothyroid? I can take the good and bad:) Thank you! 

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Re: hypothyroid and pregnancy

  • I am hypo and was during my first pregnancy.  There were no issues, we just checked my TSH level more frequently then normal during the pregnancy.  If your levels get out of wack because of the pregnancy, your doctor will just change the dosage.  Overall it caused no issues or complications with my pregnancy.
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    I am hypo and was during my first pregnancy.  There were no issues, we just checked my TSH level more frequently then normal during the pregnancy.  If your levels get out of wack because of the pregnancy, your doctor will just change the dosage.  Overall it caused no issues or complications with my pregnancy.

    Same exact thing with me. I'm on Synthroid and my dr checks my TSH more frequently when I'm pg and adjusts my dosage if needed. I didn't need my dosage adjusted last pregnancy though. 

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  • I got my TSH levels checked at 8 weeks and will have the same done during each trimester per my doctors instructions.  There were no adjustments during my 1st pg.  Though after I had DS they adjusted my meds down and things are holding steady thus far.
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  • I had this same question and my OB said that the normal new pregnancy b/w tests your thyroid, so when that came back fine I was just told to make an appointment with an endocrinologist and stay monitored.  (I had been put on synthroid by my RE who I am no longer seeing since I am pg.)

    I was also told that this is one of those things that has more impact in later pregnancy, so especially in the first trimester you have plenty of time to get tested and make sure your levels are right before it would have any impact on the baby or pregnancy.  That definitely reassured me.  Good luck!


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  • I've been hypo for a long time.  My endocrinologist instructed me to make two calls as soon as I knew I was pregnant - the first to my OB, the second to him.  For both pregnancies, they tested me at 5 weeks.  This pregnancy, I went in again at 10 weeks and stayed on an every 4 week schedule until my thyroid leveled out.  Now I'm on an every 8 week schedule and will probably go back to an every quarter schedule after birth. 
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  • Unlike most of the above, my endocrinologist looks at T4 during pregnancy.  He does gets everything tested (T4, T3, and TSH), however, he says that the most important number during pregnancy is the T4.  

    My dr told me that pregnancy speeds up your the metabolism of your thyroid hormone (I hope I'm explaining that right) and that it is best to start getting tested early in your pregnancy and to increase the dose of meds early because it is harder to catch up once your levels start to fall because of the pregnancy the further along you get. 

    I will have bloodwork monthly for my thyroid.  

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  • Yay! This is all great news. Thank you! I just made an appt for 5.5 weeks with endo to get levels checked. Sounds like it will be no problem!
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  • ::popping in from March 2012::

    Just want to say thanks for posting this.  I actually haven't seen my endo in a over a year and this just made me make an appt for this Tuesday.  THANKS!

  • if you see an endo - call the dr and see if you need to be seen.. when i was preg with dd, my primary dr continued to monitor my thyroid until i was in the 7th month and she referred me to an endo.. with this pregnancy, im still seeing her and she had already warned me to contact her immediately when i got pregnant.. ill be seeing her every other month as of now.. 
  • I have hypothyroidism horrible,,its off the charts! when i got tested when i was 7 it wasnt no .8 or anything it was 536.9 it wasnt even close to right. So i started meds. an i found out i was pregnant a couple weeks ago, i am now 9 weeks and i am taking a dose for thyroidism of 137 mg ! but it is completely controllable it just takes patience and control. You just have to take your medications like its prescribed and you should be just fine!! :) 
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  • Hi Danielle, my situation is kind of the same! When DD was 5 months old I started having some really weird symptoms. My breast milk totally dried up. I was tired all the time! And I gained about 15 pounds in 2 weeks. After the test I learned I was really hypothyroid and am now on 125mg. During my last pregnancy I gained 50 lbs and I was running all the time. I'm wondering if this pregnancy will be any different and if I was somewhat hypo before. I really don't want to gain that much! After getting my dose right I've been back at my normal weight. Good luck with your dose too. It's so annoying trying to get it right!
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  • Bam4Bam4
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    I have hoshimotos and hypo. I had my levels checked when I had my first beta. They needed to adjust the meds and they told me to have them checked again in 4 weeks. As ling as you have your levels checked throughout your pregnancy you'll be fine.
  • I am glad you posted this.  I just found out this week that I have this issue.  My OB nurse gave me a prescription and sad i need to see an endo in 2-4 weeks.  I couldn't get in for 4 weeks one day.  I couldn't tell them I was pregnant because I was at work.  Maybe I will call back and see if they can fit me in earlier.

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    This thread makes me feel a little less stressed.  My primary care dr. and my OB both noticed my thyroid was enlarged and I went for blood work 2 weeks ago.  I never had a thyroid problem before.  My blood work came back fine but they sent me for an ultrasound this week and it was "abnormal".  They wanted to do an iodine test on me, but I had a bad reaction to iodine when they used it on my stitches after I had my son.  They were ready to schedule a CT scan in place of the iodine test but I suspected that I might be pregnant and made sure I tested before scheduling any more tests.  BFP.  Now I am scheduled to see an endo next month and very nervous.  I already had to be on blood pressure meds the entire time during my last pregnancy, I thought this time would be easier.
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