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Borderline Polyhydramnios

Hi Ladies,

 I went to the doc yesterday and my AFI level was 23cm.  I know that these numbers can correct themselves, so I am trying to to worry.  Every U/S that I have had has been perfect, so I am hoping that I do end up having this that I fall into that category of it just happening rather than all of the horrible things I have read online about it.  Has anyone else dealth with this?  If so, what was your experience? TIA


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Re: Borderline Polyhydramnios

  • Did they schedule you for a Level II U/S to look at your DC's anatomy?  I'm assuming you don't have GD? 

    I had idiosynchratic polyhydramnios with my son.  It was discovered at 24w, with AFIs in the high 30s.  My membranes ruptured at 25w (slow leak) and even after that I continued to take on fluid, eventually with an AFI of 41 cm. I delievered at 27w.  DS is now a happy, healthy 3-year old.

    It sounds as though your fluid level is not too high (relatively), and you are fairly far along.  Anywhere from 40-60% of polyhydramnios cases have no known cause, so most likely things will be just fine for you and baby. It is scary, though, and there is not a lot of information out there.  Best wishes and please post any other questions you have.

  • Thank you so much for your response.  I have not been diagnosed with GD. I failed my 1hr, but passed my 3hr. I am scheduled for my next growth scan at 35 weeks.  I have been having level II ultrdasounds since the beginning because I myself have a congenital heart defect.  I have had numerous scans throughout pregnancy because of this and everything has alwyas been perfect and the baby's heart has no issues.  My last scan was at 30 weeks and she was measuring right on target.  I spoke with my MFM today and he didn't seem to concerned.  I go twice a week for NST"s and AFI measurement so we will see what happens. I am just praying that my fluid levels out. I'm glad to hear the you and your DS are both doing well.


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  • My levels with DD got to the 40s. She came at 36w5d via c/s.

    My water never broke, but if it did I was told to call 911. If I saw cord sticking out, to lay down and get 911 here NOT to go to the hospital myself.

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  • I'm boderline too, at 22.6, so I'm not too high but its still a bit worrisome. I'm also on picardia because I started having contractions that didn't stop after 2 hours last week. I'm 35 weeks so I'm hoping very very much that I don't take on any more fluid, especially as I have GD. 


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  • Thanks for your replies ladies.  I went for my NST yesterday and my AFI was down to 18.5.  Thank goodness.  I too have been having contractions since 29 weeks, but they cannot give me the meds to stop them bc I have myself have a heart defect.  I am so thankful that I have almost made it to 34 weeks.  It did not seem possible 4 weeks ago because I have been having contractions pretty regularly.  I will have my cervix checked again next monday to see if we have made any changes.  If they start I just drink a ton of water and lay on my left side and hope for the best.  Not a great way to live.  I hope to keep my LO cooking for atleast a few more weeks.  Hope u ladies are well.


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