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Some people have no filter....

We told my grandma and grandpa that we were having a boy last night.  Naturally you assume people are going to be excited (or at least pretend) I mean maybe that's just how I think it should go.  Anyway so the first thing my grandma says is "Well a girl would have been better because they will always be their moms friend, a boy doesn't want anything to do with their moms after they find a wife".....Umm way to kill a moment grandma!!! They only have all girls so it's not like she's bitter over a daughter in law or something.  I LOVE that we are having a boy and to bad on her part if she isn't going to be excited about it! Anyways, that is my little rant...have a good day all!


Re: Some people have no filter....

  • Aw! Well first of all CONGRATS on your baby boy! We're having a boy too.

    Second. I've heard plenty of wonderful things about having boys so I hope what she said doesn't get to you. Some people are just ignorant and don't think about how their words are going to hurt others (or care for that matter)

     This pregnancy I've been told 'You're pregnant again!? This is your last one,right?'

    I only have a 3 1/2 year old. I'm not some baby making machine! lol. And I can provide for the child I have already so it's not like I'm making a poor decision to have another child. Ugh... Sorry she said that to you =/ 

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  • I had a woman I work with ask me if I knew who the dad is and another person tell me I'm getting wide.  It seems the farther along in this pregnancy I get the less people filter what they say to me. 
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  • Definitely feel your pain.  My mom jokes if I'm having a girl, she's leaving after the delivery.  If I have a boy, she's staying for a week to help me out.

    It's like, I know she's not serious, but she keeps commenting how she's tired of girls in the family.  She says she wants a grandson who looks just like her "SIL" (even though we aren't married). She has 4 sisters, I have 3 sister, and 3 nieces...no boys.  She rubs my stomach and speaks to her "grandson"...I'm like, I'm sorry...I can't control what God wants me to have.

    I know if we find out it's a girl, she'll voice her opinion on how she's disappointed...smh, she knows no boundaries with her feelings/mouth. 

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  • I've only had one of these moments so far. A new girl at my work said 'I hear your pregnant?' and when I said yes, she said 'Are you and the father still together?'

    1, I wear a f'ing wedding ring, and 2, he worked there too until a week prior and everyone knew we were married (so if she was curious she could have asked someone else if she had to know so badly), and 3, who even asks that?!

    She got fired a day later for being rude and because the work I was getting from her was horrible. Turns out she lied on her resume about her experience.

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  • I would have told your Grandma that it's lot like you had a choice. You don't get to "pick" what you get and she should be happy regardless the gender. I would take a comment over my size then to be insulted about something I have no control over like the gender of my baby.

    Anyways, congrats on the baby boy!

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  • This is why I'm so worried about telling MIL next week. I know she's going to say something like, 'so are you disappointed?' Well, no, not really, since the Dr. says my pregnancy is so healthy that I bore him- no, disappointment wasn't really on the menu.

    Congratulations on your baby boy, and feel free to rant anytime..:o)

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  • haha - Grandma's, especially, have no filter!  Once you get to a certain age, it seems that courtesy just flies right out the window!  :)  So far, I've heard that my face is rounder (second-hand), and one of my clients told me to my face that a new women's store that he works with would be temporarily perfect for me, since they target "big girls"...  :)  I just have to laugh it off!  Luckily, I'm very happy with my weight, and there is not a single part of me that thinks I'm "too" big.
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  • Grandma obviously doesn't remember what a daughter in high school is like.  Me and my mom were NOT friends!  I didn't get along with my mother until I had moved out and left the state!  I'm pregnant with a girl, but not worried.  Either way it's a blessing.  Besides, I know lots of guys that are really close to their moms.
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