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new here! Q about at home courses.

Hello ladies! FTM here, after boatloads of research, I've decided I'd like to try for a natural, med-free birth.

The plan: My mom is going to be my labor coach and DH will be with me on D Day just for support but he doesn't really think he'll be able to handle it enough to be in charge of anything (he's super squeamish about bodily fluids). That of course is fine by me.  I can just imagine my mom splitting her efforts 50/50 between supporting me and supporting him that day!

So a few weekends ago my mom and I did a child birthing class through our hospital and feel like it wasn't really specific to the kind of birth experience I want to have. Also, I couldn't take a class that allowed me + coach + DH - seems like they all allow just mommy to be plus one.  So, I'm hoping to find an at home, video course that the 3 of us can do together in one afternoon that way my mom can practice and learn with me and DH can watch what he can and at least have an idea of what to expect when time comes.  Does such a thing exist?

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