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Presbyterian Hospital or Carolinas Medical

Hello! Just recently moved to Charlotte and although we are not pregnant yet, we are looking to find info on the hospitals so when the time comes we have an idea of where we want to be. So what's the good, the bad? Thanks!

Re: Presbyterian Hospital or Carolinas Medical

  • I think they are both excellent hospitals. The two main hospitals (CMC and Presbyterian downtown) have the highest level NICU's, where the 'suburb' hospitals (CMC University, Presby Huntersville, etc) have lower grade NICU's. It was important to me when we were looking, and my son unexpectedly ended up in the NICU for a week after birth, so i'm glad we were in a hospital with the highest level care. I gave birth at Presby main and had a C-section,so this didn't matter to me, but I think at both main hospitals you labor/delivery in a certain room, then move to a post partum room for the rest of your stay. I think some of the suburb hospitals have "all in one" rooms where you birth/recover in the same room and they tend to be a bit bigger. 

    FWIW, my mom is a nurse and she tells me "if you're ever in an accident make them take you to CMC uptown"...she thinks its the best based on her experiences.

     Good luck!

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  • I think they're both great! I delivered at Presby Huntersville and really liked it, but work at the Children's Hospital attached to CMC Main. CMC just re-did their labor and delivery unit and it is really nice, if you are into the aesthetics and comfort of it! I think you would be fine to pick a doctor you are comfortable with and deliver wherever they have privileges. 
  • My ob/gyn is connected with both. That's why I am curious on the big differences. At the moment we are leaning towards CMC because from everything we keep hearing their NICU is top line. We hope not to need that, but our daughter was very ill. Knowing before we even get pregnant that I will have a high risk pregnancy a good NICU is a very important factor in our decision.
  • I 2nd CMC! Just do a search on this board and you'll find great reviews. For the Mommy who wants a natural birth, Midwives and great breastfeeding support go to CMC. Feel free to read my birth story. I delivered at CMC Pineville :o ;

  • Both are great hospitals!  But if I knew my child may be sick I would go to CMC because of the new children's hospital.  I just delivered my 3rd baby there- and there new L&D suites are really nice!!  PP rooms are smaller than the Presby ones.  That's the one difference I noticed.
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  • If you think you might need NICU I would definitely deliver at CMC. I would not let my babies go anywhere else for NICU care, but I am biased because I work at Levine's!
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