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Recommend your Mommy car please...

My husband and I are shopping for a 2nd car. We've been commuting together for over 2 years, since we work literally a block away from each other. We currently have a VW Passat and have owned many VW's in the past. I hate car shopping.

We like German cars - however; they are pricey in the SUV category! Ideally we'd like something bigger since we have baby #1 on the way and #2 shouldn't be more than a few years behind her. Of course gas prices make us second guess the SUV idea.

We'd like to buy a car / wagon / SUV that we can use for a family vehicle...we're hoping to stay under $25K.

  • Safety!
  • SUV preferred
  • Gas mileage OK
  • $25K or less
  • Family of 3-4 + baby stuff
Does anyone LOVE their vehicle that has these qualities? Thanks for your help!



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Re: Recommend your Mommy car please...

  • I love my car - we bought it used and didn't pay much more than your $25K limit.  We ended up with a Mercedes GL450.  The third row of seats was a requirement for me if I was going to get a SUV (why pay more if you can't seat more people?!).  The third row can comfortably fit two large adults and there is still plenty of room behind the third row for cargo space.  We had 7 adults in it (pre-baby) comfortably at one point.

    I also love German cars - I love the way they drive.  I had VWs before and never thought I'd like an SUV, but the GL drives just as nice and tight as my VWs did.  It does not feel like I'm driving a SUV at all.  The gas mileage is OK - on the highway I think we average right around 20mpg and going up and down federal (where most of my driving is), I average 16mpg.

    My husband is wonderful at finding deals, so I'm not sure how common it is to find these cars in the price range we found, but just thought I'd mention it.  We did have to go to Orlando to get it, but because of the deal we got, it was worth it.
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    We have the Toyota Sienna now and love it!! We ended up leasing it new but if you buy a used one with low mileage you may come close to your 25K max. Seems you like VW...the Routan is a nice alternative, can definitely find for 25K used. Good luck!
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  • I also have a VW but jetta. My dh just got a KIA Sorento and let me tell you it's spacious, great on gas and comfy and Iove everything about it.

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  • I LOVE my Toyota Venza, but would also recommend the Toyota Sienna.  Both are quite spacious.  The Venza is defnitely in the crossover category, almost like a station wagon, but very comfortable and roomy.  The back seat can fit three adults across (it's got more hip room than any other vehicle we looked at) or two adults and a carseat.  I haven't tried two carseats and an adult, but that's coming soon in October, lol.  It gets good gas milage and wasn't too pricey.  We bought it in 2009, but now there should be used ones to pick from for much less than we paid.

    Hope you find something you like!

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  • I have a Lexus RX350 and LOVE it! It drives like an absolute dream and the people at JM Lexus have been fabulous. I bought certified preowned so the price was great.
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  • image karenlisa714:
    I have a Lexus RX350 and LOVE it! It drives like an absolute dream and the people at JM Lexus have been fabulous. I bought certified preowned so the price was great.

    I got my first car from JM Lexus.  It was a used 8 year old Honda and they still treated me like a queen.  One of my favorite dealerships. :)

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