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I almost smacked the sh!t out of a mother in my office...

Ok so I am just sitting at my desk minding my own business and a mom comes in with a little boy and a little guess prob. 2 years and 4 years old.  Anyway when she is in here she lets her kids run all through my office yelling and screaming and slamming their toys off of the walls, and then the little boy would hit the girl and then the girl would start crying and yelling, all of this while my coworkers and I just sat there and didn't say a word.  This was going on for a good 45 minutes, a very long 45 minutes.  THEN when they were leaving the mom takes candy out of our candy basket and shows the kids and says "Look at what Mommy got CANDY!!!!!!! Yea you two aren't getting anything, I'll just take another! " I am not even kidding!!! So of course they both fall down on the floor and start kicking and screaming because they didn't get any. Like why are you just egging on your kids?  I know kids will be kids and they will act up but come on people take some control of your kids. 


I just have to keep reminding myself November will be here soon which mean baby + maternity leave! 


Re: I almost smacked the sh!t out of a mother in my office...

  • How annoying as if they had not terrrorized the office enough!!!

    On a another note, cute pink dress & pic, I love it!

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  • image peachbride:

    On a another note, cute pink dress & pic, I love it!


    Thanks!  It is the best dress I have ever bought at Old Navy!  I wish they would get more inventory so I could get it in other colors too!

  • ugh...sometimes this is why I think you need to fill out an application to have kids.  I used to work in the mall back when I was in college at a store called Illuminations, a very nice candle home decor store, and moms would come in all the time with their kids who would destroy our displays, break things etc.  And instead of trying to redirect, or discisplining their child they would say things like..."well now you don't get any pizza, ice cream..., but I will!"  It would drive us nuts.  LIke it's the kids fault because you don't pay enough attention to them. 
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  • Interesting, If that happened in my office, the mother would have been asked to keep her children under control or not to bring them the next time she comes in (we are an orthopaedic practice that does not usually see children). 

  • wow pp like that really get on my nerves!! Control your kids! Its even worse when you have family events and a family member doesn't watch their kids the entire time like its everyone else responsibillity because your family. BULL CRAP!!


    LOVE THE DRESS!! Big Smile

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