Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

**~**Remembering Our Sapphire Sweethearts**~**

This check-in is for women who had September EDDs.  We want to stick together during such a tough time.  This is a check in for any woman who lost a child due in September. 

Please join us on TTCAL for this checkin.  


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Married 9/22/07, began TTC 8/10
Diagnosed with DOR, LP defect, mild endometriosis and cysts
BFP #1 EDD 9/10/11, natural miscarriage at 6w
BFP #2 Medicated cycle, twin boys born 4/4/12 at 29w4d
BFP #3 EDD 8/8/14, D&C for missed miscarriage at 8w, baby boy with triploidy
BFP #4 June 2014 CP

Re: **~**Remembering Our Sapphire Sweethearts**~**

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