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first climb out of crib- options?

i have never looked at the tons of posts about this but now I'm in the position to ask... I know a crib tent is an option but DS is 2 in 3 weeks, is this worth it at this age? I have no idea how he'd do w/ his crib converted to a toddler bed...his sister is in a different room but I'm sure would notice that his 'crib' is open & hers isn't! (I'll ask about that on the multiple board I guess) is only the first time, we didn't hear anything (like a loud thud or something) so he must have done it pretty well...I have been watching the video monitor since then to see if he tries again & I can see how he does it.


Re: first climb out of crib- options?

  • My 1-year-old jumped out of the crib about a month ago and I was ready to run and get him a toddler bed that day, but after speaking with several friends with "jumpers", I was advised that he may not try again for a while. So I put sofa cushions around his crib for about 2 weeks, and he has yet to make a go again. But my fear of putting him into a bed was that he's so young, not even verbal yet, and being the daredevil he is I was worried about him having that kind of freedom w/o understanding it. My now 3-year-old never jumped, but when he turned two he was pulling himself up on the rail a bit and so I converted his crib. He did great with it. And it was kind of funny because he would climb into bed, but when he would awaken he would sit in bed and call for me to come get him. For about 6 months this went on. It was as if in his sleepy fog he wouldn't remember that he could simply climb out.

    So after that far too long story about my children, my two cents is: convert it to a bed. He's old enough. 

  • My kids came out of the crib early. The first didn't try to jump, but all of a sudden she went from happily sleeping in her crib to screaming any time we went near it at 16 months. It took three days to figure out that she wanted a bed but we converted it to a toddler bed that night and she went right back to sleeping 12 hours uninterrupted and has never given us a hard time about sleep since.

    The younger one got a bloody nose trying to climb out at 17 months so we converted the crib that night (I wasn't taking chances of a real injury) and she transitioned as easily as her sister did.

    Not sure if all kids are as easy as mine were, but they let me know they were ready for the bed and never looked back.

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  • my now 13 month old jumped out a month ago. then again the other night and tried again last night.  I did go buy the toddler rail that goes with her convertable crib and changed it this morning.  I feel much better knowing that shes not gonna fall that far out.  So we will see.   I wish you the best of luck.  All my firiends  kids never climbed till they were at least 2.  so not helpful
  • I'd probably just switch him over. No clue about your DD. Does she seem ready? I'd be tempted to switch them both to toddler beds.
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    We turned DD's crib around since the back is taller than the front, also the sides are curved. We had just started having her finally go down on her own. Since she has always been a bad sleeper I didn't want to introduce the toddler bed yet on top of our problems we were already having. She realized after the first night that she could no longer climb out but we have kept the crib backwards for safety. I don't plan to do a toddler bed until 3 or until she starts night time potty training.
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