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Baby Carrier?

Hi what kind do you use and why do you love it?



Re: Baby Carrier?

  • We have an Ergo, but didn't start using it until DS was almost 4 months old. I love it because my back doesn't hurt from carrying him even after a full day of shopping. It's easy to put on and most importantly DS loves it and falls asleep in it almost everytime.

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  • We have the Beco Butterfly and love it.  I used it when DS #2 was born and it worked like a charm for helping him settle down in the evenings during his fussy few months.  We still use it.  If fact, we went on a 3 hour plane ride and I strapped him into it for the entire ride.  He was happy to play with me an eventually fell asleep. I love that is supports my back and I can wear it for extended periods of time (unlike the Bjorn that I had with DS#1).

  • I have the bjorn sport and love it. It's really easy to get baby in and out of and I find it comfortable. I've heard when LO nears 20lbs it gets uncomfortable, but my DD is very petite so it's going to be a long time before she nears that weight. It was also really cheap-I found it in a consignment shop brand new in the box for $20.
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  • we have an ergo and a baby hawk mei tai
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  • I have a Baby Bjorn active sport carrier (the mesh one) and also an Ergo... BB is good for facing outwards in front of you.. and the Ergo is great when they outgrow weight limit of BB.. b/c you can put them on your back... didn't get too much use b/c I became pregnant so soon after getting it.. but it was great for our cross country trip with a then 9 month old.. she slept on me the whole time... both are super comfy.  I'm looking forward to being able to have one of us hold our toddler on our back in the Ergo, while our newborn can be held in the BB.



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  • Highly recommend the Beco Butterfly it!  It has an infant head support included (that snaps in), and it is easy to get on/off, and it is soooo comfy!  I just received it in the mail & used it twice yesterday, and already am impressed with this carrier!  A bit spendy, but worth it, imo.
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  • I have an Ergo, Moby Wrap, and baby k'tan.  I love all 3.  The Moby was great for the newborn stage because it cuddled him close without being bulky.  The K'tan was/is great for facing outward easily and comfortably.  The Ergo was good when I needed him to sleep.  He hates facing in so I'm hoping he takes to the back carry soon b/c it is comfortable!
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  • Sleepy Wrap for comfort, Hava Sling for ease and speed, Ergo for both. I use the Ergo more than the others, but the Sleepy Wrap is my favorite for cool weather cuddle and carry. Ergo and Sleepy Wrap are wonderful for all day wear. The sling is the coolest (lightweight) when it's hot, but it's not as comfy if I'm carrying all day long. I have a use for all of them and love them all.


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  • I loved my hotsling for when they were newborns and for the hip carry when they got big (like, 12 months+).

    I loved the mai tai for the in-between period- comfy & cute!

  • I like the Moby for the newborn stage. It's great for carrying an itty bitty baby (while also caring for a toddler). I also like the Ergo. It's quick and easy. Plus it's better on your baby's joints and your back than the Bjorn (which I also have and do not recommend).

    DH has a metal frame backpack carrier that he uses with 18 month old DS. He loves it.

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