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Any Maple Grove mamas?

Hello all!

I'm wanting to start researching areas to possibly move to to be closer to work (I work in Fridley and St Michael, MN), so since I pass Maple Grove every day and think it would be an awesome central location between the two, I was wondering if there was anyone on here from MG that could give me some 2-cents on their city... What are the schools like? Are there many parks? Walking trails? Diversity in the neighborhoods? Is it for "rich people only" or are they pretty diverse in income levels? Are the city taxes insane? 

Anything you have could help! Also, if you live in a city nearby, I wouldn't mind hearing about it! I'd prefer a city more south of MG than north...

Thanks for your input, ladies!!! :) God bless!

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Re: Any Maple Grove mamas?

  • I'm a real estate agent and work out of the Maple Grove Office. Maple Grove is a FANTASTIC city (I don't live their quite yet). They have an award winning school district (http://district279.org/Welcome/). Rush Creek Elementary is the high demand elementary school that a lot of people want their kids to go to, but you will also pay for living in a more expensive neighborhood. All the schools are really good though.  They also have a TON of parks and things to do, including Elm Creek Park Reserve that has hundreds of acres, pools, etc.  http://district279.org/Welcome/

    I've always been told for every mile you go/live north of Maple Grove, that you save $10,000 off the price of a house. That's why Rogers is gaining popularity. It's close by, yet not "in" the city.


    As far as "rich people only", it's totally opposite. Yes, you will have your wealthy neighborhods (Gladstone, etc), but you also have a ton of first time home buyer couples that live there as well. Taxes too will be a bit higher, because you will be in Hennepin County.


    Hope this helps!!!



  • I live in Maple Grove and love it so much!  We have walking trails near us, lots of parks and lakes to visit, Elm Creek Park for DS and the dog.  Property taxes seem to be a bit high, but we live in a townhome, so it's reasonable for us.  Also, with all the shopping and restaurants, I pretty much never leave the city and save on gas :) 
  • Thanks so much for the info, ladies! It does help a lot! And I've seen some houses (big ones) that are well below our top price range, so I think it'd be more than do-able! :)
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  • I also live in Maple Grove and LOVE it!  I am so excited for our little one to be born so we can partake in all of the family activities that seem to happen every weekend here.  I think Maple Grove is extremely family-friendly and very affordable, depending on the part of town you live in.  My only recommendation when looking for a house is to see what high school your child would attend (Osseo or Maple Grove) - IMO Maple Grove would be the preferred high school to attend as it is newer, larger, better test scores, etc.  We currently live in the Osseo school district part of town and plan on moving to the Maple Grove school district in the next 5-10 years (so well before HS starts) to get our kids into Maple Grove high school.  There are TONS of parks and walking/biking/hiking trails and I live across the street from Elm Creek Park Reserve and they have a huge new playground for the little ones, are rebuilding their nature center, have winter tubing and an awesome swimming hole for the summer months for only $20 for a family pass for the summer.  So LOTS of stuff to do for families in Maple Grove, I highly recommend it!!!!
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  • Thanks for your thoughts! I would want our children to go to MG HS if we did move out there... We did drive around some and we liked the areas closer to the twin cities of MG.. Is that the  MG school district?
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  • Hey!

    I grew up in Maple Grove, lived there from '84-'03. It's a nice area to live in, lots of traffic in the downtown area. The shopping is great. I would recommend MGHS over Osseo High School. MGHS is part of Osseo District 279 (PP posted a link to it above). It's a pretty low-crime area, very family friendly as well. If we could afford it, we'd have moved there after we got married, instead we're clear across the cities in WBL. The taxes are on the higher end, especially if you're in the 55311 zip code (as opposed to 55369, which is the area closer to Osseo or the "Boundary Creek side" where my parents still live), but not exorbitant. Still have to give "The Grove" two thumbs up, even though I haven't lived there for almost a decade. (That's a scary thought...I'm getting old!)

    Oh, FFS.
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