1st Trimester

when did you stop..

sleeping on your stomach? I feel guilty because it seems like at some point during the night I always end up on my stomach
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Re: when did you stop..

  • I'm already not that comfortable on my stomach.  I sleep on my side a lot.  I do sleep on my stomach occassionally but sometimes I'm uncomfortable and move.. usually don't stay in that position for too long.


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  • I stopped right away because I'm just paranoid. LOL
  • I stop when it becomes uncomfortable. 
  • To my knowledge, there's really no reason to avoid sleeping on your stomach unless you find it uncomfortable. Most conventional wisdom would actually tell you that sleeping on your back should be avoided, particularly late in pregnancy, but this, too, is bunk advice.* The knock on back-sleeping has to do with the fact that blood flow to the uterus is sligtly decreased when laying on one's back.  In the words of one of my favorite pregnancy book authors, blood flow to the brain is also slightly increased when standing on one's head, but no one advises us to stand on our heads daily.  If it were really dangerous, according to Michael Broder, M.D., women would have developed an evolutionary hump to keep us from sleeping on our backs-- if it were that important, nature wouldn't have left it to chance.

    *Unless your baby has been diagnosed with a specific problem relating to blood flow.

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  • With my first LO, my doc said that pregnant women need sleep. He said if you are comfortable sleeping that way, then sleep.  By the end, I could only sleep on my back, and normally I'm a side sleeper.
  • I normally end up on my belly, but I noticed the last few days that when I woke up, I felt horrible and as soon as I moved to my side, I felt better.  I think that I am going to have to stop soon.

  • I am a stomach sleeper and I've made a conscious effort to sleep on my side starting out, but I always end up on my belly.  My husband sometimes rolls me over onto my side if this happens, ha!Smile


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  • I still am but more like tilting to the side.  I think once I hit 2nd tri it will be impossible.  It isn't comfortable for me to sleep directly on my belly.
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  • I'm mostly a side sleeper though occasionally will sleep on my belly. Right now my boobs are so sore sleeping on my belly just hurts.

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  • image MI-bride:
    I normally end up on my belly, but I noticed the last few days that when I woke up, I felt horrible and as soon as I moved to my side, I felt better.  I think that I am going to have to stop soon.


    this exactly

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  • less and less the past week or so. no bump to speak of, but it's just not as comfortable as my back or side.
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  • I am a tummy sleeper.  I have been trying to sleep on my side, but invariably end up on my tummy at some point.  It's still comfy and it provides some relief for my back ache.  I usually end up on my side again at some point.
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  • It's ok. you can sleep on your tummy until it gets uncomfortable.
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  • My OB's literature says its fine up until 20 weeks.
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  • Sleep however you are comfortable.  Your body will tell you when you need to change positions.  You can't control what you do when you're sleeping.
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  • If it really bothers you then get some body pillows. As long as your BP is normal you can sleep on your back. If it's low, then back-sleeping isn't recommended as it will lower your BP even more. Your dr. will tell you if it's low or not.  

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  • i am still sleeping on my stomach. i usually sleep on my stomach or right side (pre-preg) but i can't sleep on my right side now as my arms get totally numb and wake me up. 

    i am dreading sleeping when it gets too uncomfortable to lie on my stomach. i actually have nightmares about it. 


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  • I tried to stop sleeping on my stomach early on because I was told that eventually it would be a bad idea and I wanted to get used to it.  Now if I lay on my stomach it's physically uncomfortable, but sometimes wake up that way.  I found that a body pillow really helps keep me off of my stomach at night.
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  • I've been sleeping on it less because my boobs are killing me, but I still sometimes wake up on my stomach (I move a lot in my sleep.)
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  • Not until I physically couldn't do it anymore. Baby was fine.
  • I am still sleeping on my stomach, although not as much. I usually roll onto my stomach when I am already alseep. I figure I mind as well do it now while I can, pretty soon it will not be an option.

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