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For those that had implantation bleeding ?

I just had a c/p last month 6/22. We TTC this month and today only like 5DPO I had light brown spotting after I ran. I feel crampy like my period should be coming and have had constipation. Did any of you feelmthis before your BFP. Or is my body just recovering from the c/p. Or is my body just doing crazy things because of this crazy heat. Thanks!
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Re: For those that had implantation bleeding ?

  • I spotted on CD 25, 26, and 27...and pretty much felt convinced my period was going to start, but then never did.  No spotting since, but still feel the occasional cramp. 
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  • My LMP was on 23 APR i conceived on 6/7 of may and had implantation bleeding on may 11 (DPO 4-5).  i also have a lot of creamy white discharge more than usual. So it possible to have it that early.  I aslo had implantation bleeding when my placenta was attaching around june 2 for a few weeks.

    Hope this helped.


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  • I had a MC last May 31st and I started spotting like 3 or 4 days after Ovu. I thought it was my period...I use to have spotting for ever before my period..ughh   but then nothing start. I had sex with my Hubby one night and I bleed...so I thought ok my period will start tomorow...in the morning NOTHING!! :) There I knew I was pregnant even if my test was neg then but positive 4 days later!! So that was implantation bleeding!! I think every woman is different and I also think you would reconize impl. bleeding becasue they dont become darker day after day..for me it was just a very ligh brown and it never change! :)
  • I had some VERY light spotting at 9-10 DPO, got my BFP like 14-15 DPO.  The spotting was so light I had to look to be sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.  I did not have any cramping.
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  • hi im only 7weeks 3 days and last night i start to have brown dark brown bleeding and I really dont know if it is ok somebody can help me I m scare I been looking for my baby for 3 years please help.......


  • it may be nothing, but best to call the doctor. good luck!
  • i had brown spotting around my completed 6th week n i was in my 7th week it lasted off and on for awhile. i went to er n those idiots said i was having a miscarraige and made me really scared.  but thankfully at my obgyn appt. they confirmed it was still alive and had a heartbeat.  they say you can have old blood from the attatching of the baby to your uterine lining.  and also when your  yoke sac turns into your placenta and it begins  forming.  thats what they assume was my problem.  or it was a blood clot that finally broke and took awhile to pass out so thats why it was brown.  the only time they said to be concerned is if you a have a gush a bright red blood and it fills a pad-- for a hour or more...more or less like a period. 

    hopefully your are okay and your baby is just fine!

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  • thanks I already went to the doc and he told me that my hcg is going up but Im still bleeding and now its like my period......


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