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39 weeks, 3 cm dilated...how much longer?

I went in for my 39 week appt this morning and was so happy to find out I was 3 cm dilated, with a soft, thin cervix.  My dr said she thought it might be this week, but I know I could be this way for awhile.  Just had to share because I'm so happy for the changes!  After you were 3 cm, how long til actual labor started? 

Re: 39 weeks, 3 cm dilated...how much longer?

  • a friend of mine was 3+ for over two weeks. Including a week or so at 4.

    but, it could be tomorrow. there's no way to tell.  

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  • I was 3+ for 2.5 weeks.  I ended up being 5 when I went in to be induced at 2 weeks past my due date, but like PP said, you never know.

    Good Luck!!!


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  • image MrsGo4Hockeychick:

    a friend of mine was 3+ for over two weeks. Including a week or so at 4.

    but, it could be tomorrow. there's no way to tell.  

    This. I was 3 1/2 when I went in to be induced with DD. Good luck with the labor and delivery. I bet you're psyched. :) Any day now.

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  • Hopefully soon.
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  • I was 3 for a week and 4 for 5 days before I had DD2. I hope its soon for you!
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  • I was at 4cm and 100% effaced for a week before being induced with both kiddos. My sister, OTOH, was 0cm and 0% effaced at her 38 week appt, and ended up giving birth two days later. So... no real way to know! But I always liked thinking of it in terms of "no matter what, I have to get to 10, so even if the 3 or 4cm doesn't mean I'm in labor, I'm still THAT much closer to being done with this process!" :) 
  • hopefully soon, but like pp"s said, you never know! i was 2-3cm's with ds#1 for a couple of weeks before i went in to labor. he ended up coming 10 days before his due date.
  • I've been 3 for two weeks, and no signs of labor coming soon. My doctor said his wife was 5cm for over two weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean a lot. 
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  • I am 3cm and 70% effaced right now and I'm only 34 weeks. I've been stuck here for 2 days now and I'm actually in the hospital to get contractions to stop. The doctors here told me that my contractions could stop and I could go past my due date or I could have her next week. There is no way to tell.
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