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Argh! (False Labor vent)

To begin with, I'm 40 weeks and 2 days.  Anyone who is near that, or past that, will hopefully relate.

 On Thursday (my due date...I still can't believe it passed already), I had a doctor's appointment and the doctor felt that progress was being made.  I was having some lovely pre-labor / labor symptoms, was dialated further than the week before, and he had even dropped to a lower station.  We made two NST appointments, as well as set an induction date, but these were all done as a precaution because our practice has been REALLY busy lately and she wanted to make sure I made it onto the schedule.  After my hubby went to work, my best friend came to take me to dinner and for a long walk (in Barnes and Noble...Philly is having a wicked heat wave, so walking outside is out of the question).  When I got home, my back hurt, but I was also having regular cramping.  I timed it and it was promising, so I went to sleep.  I woke up the next morning with nothing.  No cramping, no obvious progress.  Sigh.

Friday was spent literally trying to make him arrive.  We tried (twice) to get him to come out "the way he was created," on doctor's orders.  We also drove to King of Prussia and walked around the mall for 2 hours.  Around 8 PM, I started having pains that felt like bad gas, but were again, timeable.  They were averaged about 20 minutes apart, than 15...they got close to 10, but never less.  I got a shower (for my back pain, which was painful and consistant) and then we went to bed.  I wanted to sleep if possible.  I woke up this morning, only when my husband was leaving for work (he has a wacky schedule).  Again, I woke up with no more contractions or pain of any kind.  I'm right back where I started!  

I'm just getting so discouraged!  Elliott is moving around just fine, so he's OK as far as I can tell.  Was I even having contractions last night?  A few of them really stopped me in my tracks.  I want to have my little guy on the outside!

Any advice or encouragement would be welcomed.  :)

Also: Probably due to the heat, the power went out TWICE while writing this.  Argh. 

Re: Argh! (False Labor vent)

  • Sorry you are dealing with this, it's so frustrating! I have been dealing with a similar situation- I wake up in the morning and feel totally normal, no pain or contractions. As the day progresses I start getting more frequent contractions. I try walking, sex, yoga ball, etc. By the time I go to sleep at night I'm having contractions every 10-15 minutes, which wake me up throughout the night, and by the next morning I'm back to normal.... this has happened 4 nights in a row now :(  I hope things get moving for you soon- for real moving, not this fake contraction tease!
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  • It is so frustrating. The only positive thing about being past due is knowing that each day that passes your chances of having a baby that day increase by a LOT. (Although at this point I'm feeling like as each day passes I'll be pregnant forever...)
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  • Yeah, Im feeling the same way. I think I had "false labour" the past two nights as well. Then I wake up and... nothing. I went for long walks today and hoped for more contractions but still nothing yet. I want an outside baby too! haha. I know he'll come when he's good and ready but I'm getting impatient.
  • Day after tomorrow is my due date, and I know that even though just a few days can be frustrating at this point (especially once you're past your due date), I can assure you that am feeling the frustration.  I have been having what seem like real labor pains for two weeks now, but they ALWAYS turn into false labor.  Playing the "is it gas or labor?" game is killing me.  I feel like I've never been so aware of every little twinge or tightening in my body.

    You're not alone, and I just have to keep telling myself that there IS an end to this.  Every day that goes by is a day closer to meeting LO!
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