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Arms falling asleep

I've noticed since I've been pregnant when I wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, my arms are asleep. Its uncomfortable and weird. Anyone else had this happen?
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Re: Arms falling asleep

  • Yes!  I asked about this on the January board not too long ago.  Seems to be fairly common.  It was really bad for a couple of weeks, and now it seems to have stopped.  I would wake up with either a foot or an arm numb a couple of time a night.

    The important thing is that you get feeling back and it "wakes up" quickly.  It shouldn't stay numb.



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  • Yup, I've experienced that a lot lately and it's so strange! I was told it was because of how I was sleeping and that it's not a big deal as long as the feeling comes back quickly and you don't stay numb after waking up.
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  • Glad Im not the only one!!!
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  • My arms used to fall asleep all the time, then I got one of those neck support pillows and it REALLY helped. My chiropractor said that there are nerves in the back of your neck that connect to your arms, and if any of them are slightly pinched they can cause numbness. Now when I sleep with a regular pillow, I notice my arms fall asleep again. Weird.
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  • My first pregnancy I started to get this really badly second and third trimester. It was worse if i woke up on my back. My OB said it was carpel tunnel caused by the pregnancy. It went away soon after my daughter was born.This time i got it almost immediately after my BFP and it doesn't matter what position I'm sleeping in. It's causing some sleep problems for me already....
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  • Me too.  Im a tummy sleeper.  Im trying to sleep on my back and left side now, its much better.

  • yes it keeps happening to me and its annoying!! Interrupts my sleep!!!!
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